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Apple has been asked to pay 10 million euros (approximately $12 million) in a claim that it misled consumers by the presentation of some iPhones’ water resistance capabilities. The fine has been charged by the Italian Antitrust Authority on Monday 30th of December, 2020.

The regulator has claimed that the advertisements of the iPhone ranging from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone 11 displayed incorrect or incomplete details about the water resistance. The fine has been levied on Apple Distribution International and Apple Italia SRL. The claims describe the improper marketing of the Apple iPhone features.

Apple fined €10M over iPhone’s water resistance claims

AppleInsider details that the iPhones falling under the claim showcases that the phone could “withstand water for depths ranging from 1 meter to 4 meter” and also added that it could do the same for upto 30 minutes. Apple has been accused of not detailing the specifics of the claims of water resistance. The claims made by the company reportedly only suffice when under static and pure water.

iPhone water damage not cover under warranty

Also, the disclaimer by Apple in its ads of the iPhone reads that “the guarantee” does not cover liquid damage. According to the regulator, the fact that the company claims water resistance but does not cover damage under the same conditions, goes against the boastful advertisements. It also states that the disclaimer by Apple does not clarify whether the mentioned “guarantee” conforms legally.

The authority also stated that it was unfair of Apple to not cover iPhones with liquid damage under its warranty. Apple has reportedly refused to service the iPhone which was damaged by water or any liquid. These actions reportedly go against consumer rights laid down by the law and the country’s Consumer Code.

Apple has also been ordered to showcase the findings of the regulatory authority on its Italian website through a link.

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