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You deserve to learn a new skill without thinking about the impact it may or may not have on your career. With a newfound skill, you can excel at what you do. Over the years, the tech revolution has made it possible for learning apps to revolve. And learning apps have become the ultimate solution for learners to acquire new skills.

Besides, with the rise of search engine optimization, there is an ocean of information you can access online. Today, learning apps have become a standard approach to learn or improve the desired skill. From professionals to students, each learning app serves its purpose.

Many people around the world have decided to put their efforts into learning apps to master the same skill that a diploma offers. With enough determination and invested time, you can learn a new skill and reach a new height in your personal and professional life.

Why Learning Matters More than Ever

Amid a global pandemic, people will eventually have to sprint toward the winter season, which often synonymous with dreamy and lazy days. But why not learn something new that could change your life for good.

From summer to winter, the unstructured months can be daunting and leave nothing but stress. Ideally, you should be more active and stimulated in pursuit of a new skill. Besides, there are only so many indoor routine activities you can do at home.

Before you search through a multitude of learning apps, here’s a compiled list of five (5) apps suitable for all ages to learn and utilize their critical thinking skills:

1. Khan Academy

If you want to learn an academic skillset, Khan Academy is as good as it gets. The platform comes with a dedicated and navigational app that makes it easier to browse numerous subject material. When it comes to online educational learning, Khan Academy has accumulated vast general knowledge of various subjects.

You don’t necessarily have to be an educator, student, or parent to take advantage of Khan Academy’s resourceful database. So long as you are willing to learn something, you can pick up your smartphone and take the lessons. It is ideal for individuals who may not be able to afford expensive academic books or invest in extracurricular skill-development courses

Through Khan Academy, people have managed to advanced their careers in an affordable range. The world is your oyster when you have 24/7 access to Khan Academy’s app. From technology to design to business to science to finance, the shared resources are endless.

2. Skoove

When it comes to the music learning app, Skoove is one of the best piano learning applications. Often, people start learning a piano and get overwhelmed by available compositions and songs. However, you can search through the selection of Skoove’s songs and select the ones that you find interesting.

Furthermore, you can choose to learn at a beginner and advanced stage. Skoove also offers insightful guidance through instructors. For a beginner, learning the piano keyboard’s hand movements and gestures are essential. With Skoove, you quickly start to dig up the secrets to become a pianist.

You can connect and set up the app without too much effort. It uses the microphone of a keyboard to determine the accuracy of a played tune. As a result, Skoove serves as an excellent app that identifies your strengths and weaknesses as a pianist through continuous feedback.

3. Lynda

You can call it one of the kings of learning apps. It is powered by Microsoft’s’s technology that allows the platform to offer a large number of courses that are usually not accessible anywhere. Lynda’s history and development is one of the most excellent examples of what a learning platform can become in the long-run.

Lynda’s sophisticated app allows people to learn top skills such as web development, software development, graphic designing, and photography. With a subscription, you can gain unlimited access to even more courses. Unlike other academic platforms, Lynda only offers courses that are taught by industry experts and professional instructors.

4. Udemy

If you don’t want to deal with expensive memberships, then Udemy might be perfect for you. Mostly, it’s a learn on-demand app that offers a wide array of courses at a different price range. However, students and professional instructors love the app because of its time flexibility.

Once you avail a course, there’s no specific timeframe dangling over your head to complete the material. You can take as much time as you need to finish a course. It is aimed towards more career-focused individuals who want to polish their current skills. However, it is also suitable for individuals who have a busy routine and do not have enough time to learn a new skill.

5. Headspace

If you want to think outside the box, you need to take care of your mental health. And this is where the Headspace app shines. Headspace helps people to take control of their mindset. Contrary to naïve misconception, it takes a lot of effort to get hold of your mental sense.

Headspace offers exercises in meditating and breathing to help people become more aware of their mental strengths. It’s been a great way to build-up endurance against anxiety and stress. Improved mental health means you will be able to have complete your goals with more optimism and energy.

Wrap Up

You don’t have to feel a sense of guilt anymore because you don’t have a specific skill. Instead, dedicated an hour of your time each day to learn a new skill that can bring an original purpose to your life. Whether you want to learn to code, meditate, play piano, understand math, or study a language, there are great apps you can try online. 2020 can become the most informative year of your life where you can nurture your brain with brilliant ideas by learning new skills.

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