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When you are a student, you are highly dependent on various gadgets since they are considered to be extremely helpful with regard to academic life. Meaning by that devices may well keep control of your homework assignments, help you to study, and many other things. Indubitably, students are not able to buy each and every useful utensil, but the devices, as mentioned down below, will not break the bank as well as give a clear picture of what to expect from them. Either way, you don’t need to have specific gadgets except for the smartphone to reach a writing app for students called EssayShark, for instance, to get support with your studies. 

gadgets for students

Portable phone charger

Not only is power bank considered to be a must among students, but also it is vital in everyday life. Meaning that even though you may have a battery with tremendous capacity, most likely, it will not last till the end of the day. Plus, if it happens that you lead an active way of life, meaning that you do sports, usually spend time outdoors, etc., possessing a portable phone charger is a must. By that, you will ensure that your battery percentage is maintained so that you are always in touch with your friends, parents, and so forth. Other than that, not every class has available sockets, so this is one more reason to purchase a power bank. As to the characteristics, pick one that is light and small, yet has no fewer than 10000mAh, which will provide your phone with more than three chargings. Prices vary, but you can find a bargain for $20.

Laptop Tray with Coolers

It is generally known that one should work and study next to the desk, which will provide higher productivity and proper posture. However, not everyone can stand sitting the entire day in the educational institution and then keep on doing that at home. As follows, a plethora of students prefer lying on the bed and do a homework assignment, an essay, for example. Assuming that you possess a laptop, it has a higher chance of overheating while working, not in a flat area. That’s why trays for laptops are beneficial in such a case for the reason that they prevent your computer from getting heated up.

What is more, the coolers work more quite than on your laptop so that you won’t be bothered with additional sound. As to the specific aspects, be sure that the tray fits your laptop in terms of width and the position of fans. When it comes to the prices, they start at $15.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

This gadget is a substantial long-term investment, which means that if you are up to remain healthy and fit, but for some reason, you can’t attend the gym regularly, the watch is to help you to be alive and kicking. It tracks your heart rate throughout the day and helps you to monitor changes and achieve your goals. Besides, it checks your sleep patterns and gives you statistics of your sleep stages, meaning it allows you to see how much deep sleep and REM phase you got. After all, in order to stay healthy, the proper amount of deep sleep is the most significant part that counts. Moreover, the band has a waterproof option, so feel free to take a shower with it being sure that the band will work anyway. As to the prices, they start at $40, which may be quite expensive; however, you will get additional bracelets to the monitor, just in case.

External Hard Drive

Being an underdog among gadgets, it is the device you should pay close attention to. No matter how you rely on your laptop, cloud, and OS in general, you can’t be sure and never know what might happen. The external hard drive is a crucial thing when it comes to reliable backup, mainly when you write your BA or MA thesis or other dissertations. Furthermore, if you are keen on games and posses PlayStation 4 or Xbox – this hard drive is to expand the capacity of the aforementioned devices. Being easy to carry, you are likely to keep your essential information with you all the time and be sure that in case of a laptop’s break or steal, you have a dependable, hard drive to continue working in different circumstances.


Even though you prefer to read paper books, you should consider buying an e-book. And there is plenty of reasons to do that. First and foremost, it is exceptionally light and small, which saves lots of space, especially if you are a student. Secondly, you can adjust the font, size, and whatsoever to personal preferences, which will increase the pleasure of the reading process. Thirdly, it is easily synchronized with your devices so that you can download pdf files and send them to your e-book and use it during the class. There are two omnipresent e-book brands that have their unique features, so it is up to you which one suits you the best. Other than that, even if you get the newest e-book that has top-notch features, such as an imitation of daylight, Bluetooth, and so forth, be sure that the battery will last for weeks so that you don’t have to bother about when to charge it. Prices, of course, fluctuate, depending on a model and brand, but decent ones definitely start at $90.

The Bottom Line

In order to conclude, the gadgets, as mentioned above, only shed light on how diverse and useful devices might be if related to academia. For example, when it comes to portable phone chargers, it is an essential thing that makes a student independent from continually looking for sockets and focus more on studies. Then, an external hard driver ensures to have 24/7 access to the graduate’s important documents and is safe and secure. Last but not least, an e-book may well be an incorporation of all materials, textbooks, and notes of all subjects in one place, which, in turn, saves time and effort to carry them separately.

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