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Cool dads who grew up nerdy love their tech gadgets! Show your geek dad how much you love him this Christmas with the perfect tech Christmas present this year. You can get anything from the Apple Airpods Pro to a sweet GoPro Action Camera at the awesome Black Friday Sales 2020. Check out these perfect technological gadgets for your dad!

For the Creative Dad

Is your dad the kind of guy who loves shooting films and footage on the go? Then he needs the perfect camera that has all the extras like a gimbal-like stabilization, voice control, and super smooth footage no matter the situation. One of the top tech gadgets this year is the GoPro HERO7 camera. This sleek black camera has an incredible number of fantastic features like live streaming, time-lapse, slo-mo, HyperSmooth video stabilization, and so much more. Your dad will absolutely love this ultimate action, GoPro camera!

For the Dad Who Likes His Music

You can’t go wrong this year with the Apple AirPods Pro. Compatible with most Apple products like Apple TV, the iPad, and iPhone, the Apple AirPods Pro has the latest innovative technology. They connect quickly every time to your other Apple products right out of the case. Enjoy wireless charging and the latest in noise-canceling technology. 

For the Film Geek

Does your dad love movie night, like you love it? Does he subject you to his retro classic sci-fi film collection? Is he the kind of guy who argues over Star Wars Episode 1 over Episode 4? Then surprise him this Christmas with his very own Laser 2-in-1 Multimedia Projector with DVD player. Now he can watch hundreds of hours of his favourite movies from the comfort of his own. It’s like the big screen, but better! 

For the Gamer Dad

Does your dad spend hours hacking and slashing or playing first-person shooters? The new Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller set adds comfort and style to gaming. Play along with your dad with multi-player gaming. The new controller comes in some crazy colours – Bright Orange and Neon Purple. The pack includes a left and right Joy-Con controller and wrist straps. Features like HD rumble and easy-to-use motion controls make gaming smoothing and realistic. 

For the Nerdy Forgetful Dad

Are you tired of helping your dad find his lost keys or glasses? Well, for the forgetful nerdy dad, the Carter Wireless Remote Key Finder is the perfect tech gadget. The LED light and loud beeping sounds help him find anything in the dark. It includes four colour-coded keyrings and a remote control transmitter. Batteries are included. The Bluetooth technology has a range of about thirty meters, meaning that your dad will never lose anything ever again! 

Show your dad how much you care. Find the perfect geeky tech gift this Christmas for your nerdy dad!

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