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iPhone X with AirPods and Box

How well do you know your iPhone ? iPhones have been with us for a decade now, and the best thing about them is that they get better with every new upgrade. That explains why iPhone fan  always look forward to a new iPhone series launch. Being the sophisticated phones they are, quite a number of users can be forgiven for not being fully acquainted with just what their favorite phone model can do.

The following is a list of cool things to do with your iPhone, some of which you probably had no idea about:

iPhones can personalize ringtones

Want to identify callers using some of your favorite ringtones? You can do it with an iPhone, and all you have to do is access your contact list, select your person of interest and tap the Edit button, then Ringtone option is to select your ringtone of choice.

It can work without the physical Power button

Just spoilt your iPhone’s power button? No need to fret because there is an alternative way to lock it or turn it off, which is through enabling AssistiveTouch, a feature you can access from the phone’s settings. Its icon appears on the screen and works just like the physical power button.

Regulate data usage

Some apps can really consume large amounts of cellular data. With iPhones, you can choose which apps to use cellular data and which ones to only use Wi-Fi.

This means that as a student, you shouldn’t fear running out of data intended to find information about writing services.

Tracks popular apps

If you are always on the move and would like to know the most used apps in the different places you visit, tap on the “Near Me” option in the app store. News apps happen to be the majority of “Near Me” apps.

Siri can be manipulated to your preference

Not only can you change voice gender as a modification for Siri . There are also different features to be toyed around with such as British and Australian accents. You can make these changes by going to your iPhone’s Settings.

Do not disturb feature is adjustable any time you need

Want to take a nap and not necessarily turn off the phone to avoid disturbances? Go to Settings, Do Not Disturb option, and tap the “scheduled” menu option. Your phone will shift to DND mode for whichever duration you wish.

Airplane mode is a battery saver

You know those times when you need to use your phone, but the battery is running low, it happens to everyone once in a while. You can activate the airplane mode when needed. Another impressive iPhone airplane mode hack is that it charges faster while on the mode.

Access online essay writing services through your iPhone

iPhones are some of the coolest and reliable gadgets that any student could own. Students are not only able to enjoy various iPhone features like the magnificent camera, but they can also utilize it to browse the internet to search for a reliable college homework helper. It is great to know that there is a solution to pending essays; browsing through paper writing websites on an iPhone is easy.

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