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In the world of support options, speaking to a live person is always welcomed. Many of the questions existing and potential clients want answers to may be listed on your website, but that doesn’t mean your clients want to search for them. More and more companies are using live support chat for their support needs.

In many cases, live chat is your first point of contact and having a live person who can quickly answer questions about your products or services is essential for gaining or retaining clients. Live chat support has many benefits that give you a competitive advantage.

Decreases Customer Frustration

There is nothing more frustrating than needing an answer from customer support and not getting it. A live chat operator can reduce this frustration by giving answers to common questions and serving customers without having them place a phone call.

Interactive Shopping Experience

Although more and more consumers are shopping online, they still want individual attention, product recommendations, and problem-solving that a salesperson can provide. Live chat allows them to browse products and speak with a person qualified to answer their questions and make recommendations. Some live chat services can also be authorized to offer discounts on your products and services to help drive sales. It essentially makes your business website an interactive sales floor.

Increases Sales

The majority of people who experience live chat on a website are likely to return to a site that offers it. Just under half the people using live chat on a website purchase due to the chat suggestions, and the majority are likely to purchase from that website again. Multiple studies have shown that live chat does increase sales.

Question Tracking

You can track the questions that your customers ask. Then use the information to improve your business model, website, or advertising. It is a great way to shape your practices towards a more customer-oriented model. You can also compile an FAQ with all of the information to give your clients easier access to the information that they need. Live chat is a great way to get customer feedback and comments.

Saved Conversations

You and your customers can save their chat conversations. This helps when someone is considering buying one of your products or services. They have the whole conversation saved. It also allows them to follow tech support steps if a problem reoccurs. You can use it as proof of what was agreed upon as well.

Multiple Communication Outlets

Sometimes your customer base varies greatly. Some may prefer a phone call or an email. Some might like to look at an FAQ or support pages on your site. Live chat gives them one more way to get in touch with you if the other ways take too long, or their question remains unanswered. By giving customers a choice of communication preference, you make it easier for them to get the support that they need when they need it.

Communication With No Wait Times

The faster you can answer your customer’s questions, the happier they will be. Making customers happy helps build brand loyalty, and you can have a direct link to your customer base. Most chat services have a minimal wait time for a reply. Also, your customers will not have to jump through hoops like they do with traditional phone support. Even with voice recognition technology, phone systems can be frustrating. With chat, they can ask their question in their own words and get a response that makes sense right away.

Saves Money

One of the best reasons to have a live chat on your website is that it saves you money. A single chat agent can handle multiple customer interactions at once. They are not tied to one person on the phone. They can have as many chat windows open as they can handle. Not only can you save on personnel, your customers will appreciate the rapid response times and having their questions answered without having to go through tons of information or messy menus.

Live chat on your website or as part of a service is an excellent way to gain new clients and retain your current ones. It gives your clients a point of contact and keeps your phones free for more complex calls and support services. You can easily stay in touch with your client base and keep your employees free to do other things.

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