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Commuting by car can be such a drag! One day your truck breaks down in the middle of the journey, and the next, you’re stuck in traffic! It is because of such inconveniences that some people would want to ditch their cars for a practical commuter bike.

Bikes are not affected by traffic and offer you the chance to enjoy the fresh air as you ride to work!

But there are so many commuter bike brands in the market; finding the right bicycle for you can be a daunting task. However, some models notably standout based on customer reviews from various online forums.

best bike commuting

Below, we consider the best bikes for commuting in 2020!

Pinnacle Neon 3

The Neon 3 hybrid bike offers great value to commuters. It features a low-slung frame that allows for effortless mounting and dismounting, coupled with a carbon fork to deliver a lightweight design. It runs on nimble 700 by 28c tires, which roll smoothly to provide you with a swift two-wheeler that will get you to work on time.

The Neon 3 uses a Shimano Sora groupset with a 9-speed drivetrain that offers multiple gearing options on different kinds of terrains. You will also enjoy its overall relaxed geometry, highlighted by a broad and flat handlebar, as well as an upright riding position.

This commuter bike further offers room for upgrades; you can switch to broader tires for more stability if you like. Although the Neon 3 is built for speed, its Tektro Aurica hydraulic disc brakes provide sufficient stopping power to give you the rider confidence you need at high speeds.

Cannondale Bad Boy 3

The Bad Boy 3 was designed for the streets! It features a radical single-leg fork, which gives it a unique look that stands out of the crowd. The stiff design makes things easy when you want to fix a puncture, as there is no need to remove the wheel.

The bike rolls on compact 650b tires that allow for nimble and generally comfortable riding. You can push it to high speeds if you want, with the promise that the hydraulic disk brakes will stop the ride on a dime if need be.

Other impressive features include an ergonomic saddle that will keep you comfortable as you roll down the city streets.

Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB

Sometimes pushing hard on a regular bike may mean that you get to work tired and drenched in sweat. To prevent this, you might want to find an electric commuter bike. When it comes to electric bikes, the Ultimate T10 HMB is among the most practical options available for your commute.

This bike is pretty fast! It can carry you to a maximum speed of 28mph, and thanks to the motor assistance, you’ll still be fresh when you get to work. The Bosch Performance Line Speed mid-drive motor is quite powerful, and the 75Nm torque it delivers will let you clear steep hills without breaking a sweat.

This is backed by a 500Wh battery that has been integrated into the downtube to give the bike a seamless look. The battery offers enough juice to last around 25 miles on turbo charge, which should easily get you to work and back home.

With the Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires, you get a smooth ride on the tarmac, although the tires are a little narrow for a speed bike. A Suntour suspension fork serves to absorb shock on bumpy rides and make up for the lack of wider tires.

Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB

Canyon Commuter 3.0

The Commuter 3.0 from Canyon is a high-quality commuter bike that offers a range of impressive components. The bike’s frame is made out of aluminum material, which delivers a strong yet lightweight construction.

It runs on Schwalbe G-one tires, which have the capacity to perform on all kinds of terrain. Your rides will, therefore, not be limited to the tarmac. The 10-speed drivetrain also offers you multiple gearing options that will come in handy as the slope keeps on changing.

Another important feature is that the single chainring is surrounded by a chain guard to keep your outfit clean. This ensures that you get to work looking spotless and ready to get down to business. Furthermore, mudguards have been included to make the Commuter 3.0 practical even when it rains.

Finally, you get a set of lights to allow for night riding when you run late!

Specialized Roll Low-Entry

This bike comes with a functional step-through frame that allows short riders to mount the bike without struggling. It is equipped with beefy 650b tires that roll smoothly on the patchy sections of the road. Your comfort on the bike is enhanced by the upright geometry, which eases the strain on your neck and back when riding.

You also get a Shimano Altus 7-speed drivetrain for different gearing options while a rear rack comes in handy when you have to carry some groceries back home. The bike’s carrying capacity is also increased by the inclusion of multiple mounts on the bike’s frame.

Overall, the Specialized Low-entry has a multi-purpose design that lets you use the bike either as a cruiser or commuter vehicle. Whichever you go with, you can expect an impressive performance for the bike!

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