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So friends, are you ready to get some fun? Personally, I am a pure technology enthusiast (much inclined to the web). I love to explore new and amazing things online and trust me, there are a hell lot of amazing trick websites that will help you have fun, do very interesting stuffs as well as amaze your fans/friends/relatives.

Today, I am showcasing Top 15 trick websites that I ever find on the internet. However, the list is not pure list of mere 15 Sites, some of them are lists telling you other similar websites under a category. Anyway, these trick websites never cease to amaze me.

1. Peter Answers – Virtual Tarot

One of the most popular Internet trick websites, Peter Answers tells your answer for every asked question. You can ask what is the color of your friend’s shoes, what your mom is baking inside the kitchen, which movie your sister is watching now, etc. and Peter will answer all the questions correctly. Just use friend and positive language while asking.

Peter Anwers
Peter Answers

Learn how this trick works.

2. Love calculator Trick website

Yes, this website lets you calculate the love percentage between two people. You just have to enter two names. However, there is a catch.

It’s a trick website. Instead of actually showing the love percentage, the website instead sends the name of your crush to the person who sent you the link. Create a custom link on the website and share it with all your friends. Let them enter the name of their crush in a desperate attempt to find the potential love percentage only to fall for your trick. It’s an amazing trick website to know the crush of your friends.

3. The Flash Mind Reader

This is one of the trick websites that I am including. This small pearl can read your mind and I am not joking. Get your friend to think hard enough on how the Flash Mind Reader can read your mind. I reckon you won’t even figure it out yourself.

The Flash Mind Reader
The Flash Mind Reader

Choose a 2-digit number, add its both digits and minus the answer with that 2-digit number. For the ultimate answer, notice the symbol corresponding to it, click on the blank pearl and it will automatically show that symbol. Its not a trick, Its MAGIC. Must Try!

4. Net Disaster

Do you want to destroy internet websites, web browsers or your friend’s desktop? Yeah, Its very simple to do as a piece of cake. You can get destructive code, put in your website that lets you to show amazing stuff like nuclear bomb falling on-screen, flood, storm and a lot of things.

Net Disaster, The Protest
Net Disaster, The Protest Effect

There are numerous effects available. You can also download desktop application.

5. PrankSpace

This trick website is having numerous of pranks available to play with your friends at home, school or at office. PrankSpace also provides you numerous online pranks. You can also learn some magic tricks and do Audio Pranks, Flash Pranks, Video Pranks, etc.


So hurry now, just visit the trick websites and learn the most innovative pranks to play with.

6. Facebook Most Amazing Tricks

The article showcases 35+ most amazing Facebook tricks that you might have never heard of.

Facebook Tricks

The trick includes changing Facebook color & themes, modifying anchor text of Tagged Profile/Page, create awesome albums of your Facebook Pics, auto-post pages, groups and even get free recharge from Facebook. Read Here

7. Cartoonize Yourself

Wanna create a cartoon of your face and use it as an avatar on your social media profiles, online gaming account or anywhere else? Then, the article will let you know some of the best websites over internet that let you to create cartoon character of yourself within few minutes.

Even better, you can create cartoons of your friend’s faces and send it to them.

Try it, the trick is not gonna waste your single penny. 

cartoonize trick websites

8. Scary Maze Game

Are you talented enough to solve the toughest maze  but I bet, you’ll not able to complete more than 4 or 5 levels of this really very simple maze.

Wanna try? Obviously, you can, but unlike Facebook, don’t touch the walls out there.

9. Where’s Waldo?

Waldo will hide (in front of you) somewhere inside the gadgets available on the screen but you’ll not able to find him at the easiest. Let me see if you have guts to find him or not.

wheres waldo trick websites

10. Amazing Photo Effects

Searching for unique effects to put on your special pics? Here is the list of some most amazing websites that will let you to put most appealing effects on your photographs.

Moran Face

You can change the environment around, create animated pics, make your pics wild, prank your friends by modifying their cute face to ugly and do a lot of other things. 

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