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More than people, we are surrounded by technology these days. It’s like we inhale technology and exhale technology. Not literally, but if you observe, be it a student who has just started middle school or your tech-adverse Dad, your tech-lover spouse, or college students, everybody has strapped technologies around their bodies for most of the time. 

Especially after the unprecedented pandemic, when everybody was home, the only way to stay connected and socialize was through technologies. Be it office colleagues, students from college or school, or companies wanting to conduct a webinar; technology was the only solution to reach out to as many people as possible and stay connected as and when needed. Nevertheless, zoom parties were so much fun and engaging that nobody could ever forget them. 

So, when we are already living in a tech-World, why not accessorize our technologies with some more gadgets and enjoy the experience? Nonetheless, is your tech-friend going to throw a birthday party, and you’re confused with what gift you should go ahead with? Or, should you buy quality earbuds or some good accessories for your spouse’s MacBook? Do not worry; we’ve got your back. In this post, we have included some of the most sought-after gadgets you can buy and go with. Let us know which one you liked the most. 

1. Wireless Charging Pad

There are times when we are in a hurry and get frustrated when we cannot find our car keys because of the cluttered nest of cords. Furthermore, who doesn’t want to keep his or her desk clutter-free, hassle-free of plugs and cables, clean, organized, and fashionable at the same time? 

A wireless Charging pad would be the best go-to option for you. It has many unique and safe features like build-in over-charging, short-circuits, and over-heating options. In addition to this, it is smartly built and lets you know when your device is charging and when the charging is complete by changing different LED lights. It supports almost all kinds of devices ranging from iPhones to Androids or tablets, for that matter. So, do not hesitate to buy such a fashionable and durable wireless pad for your loved one and make them gleeful. 

wireless charging port

2. Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

In this technological world, there is something about hard-copies that can never be replaced. Hence, Polaroid ZIP has come to your rescue. Now, you can easily transform your digital portraits, selfies, or digital art into physical copies with this mini-printer. All you have to do is download their polaroid app on your phone and get all the options to add glitter or customize your photo the way you want. 

There is no need for computers, and the best part is that the app is compatible with iOS and Android both. It is a pocket-sized device that is easily portable from one place to another. Be it any party event, or an outdoor game, or a beach party, or a trek for that matter, now easily print those digital memories onto the paper in no time. 

3. Nintendo Switch Lite

Is your nephew’s birthday coming up, and you’re wondering about the gift that will make his day? Nintendo switch lite would be the best option to choose. It is a handheld gaming device with a great price with over 2000+ games. 

It has a sleek and unibody design that fits perfectly into anybody’s hands and can be taken to almost any place. Be it a long car-journey or a 2-hour flight; this gaming device is the best of all. Plus, it has fully-integrated controls with a +control Pad. So, hurry up and buy this sleek device super-soon.

4. DNA portraits

Wondering what DNA portraits could be? Well, DNA portraits are becoming an extremely popular and unique go-to gift option. DNA11 makes personalized DNA portraits, fingerprint portraits, and kiss portraits that you can give almost anybody you love. 

The company sends you a kit that contains everything you would need to get your DNA portrait ready inside an elegant metal box. Furthermore, they provide you a wide range of colors, sizes, and portrait options to choose from. So, gift your relative such a unique piece of art, and they’ll never be able to stop thinking about you. 

DNA portraits

5. Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser set

How many times has it happened with you that you got your friends or some relative surprising you at your doorsteps and you were worried about the mess you had in your guest room or living room for some reason? My friend, now you can easily shift their attention from the clutter to that beautiful mesmerizing garden painting you hung in your hall with Fragrance diffuser showing its magic. 

This diffuser sets your home with bestselling NEST fragrances. Further, it provides you with features like remote-controlling the intensity of the fragrance from your smartphone at any time of the day. It can cover upto 1000 square feet and can hold two vials for upto 700 hours. Superb, right? The set comes with two refills. One is bamboo that gives a fresh smell of white florals, fresh green accords, and sparkling citrus. Another one is grapefruit that leaves your room with a pink pomelo grapefruit smell blended with lily and coriander blossom.


6. BEAR mini facial toning device 

It has happened with almost all of us when we get tired of our busy schedules and do not have the energy to get a facial for the party that will be held the very evening. In such cases BEAR mini facial toning device comes to our rescue with super easy instructions to follow. 

It is best for normal, dry, or combination skins and good for anti-aging. It uses microcurrent technology to contour small areas of your face and reduce the fine lines on our faces. Do not worry about the authenticity of this product as it is FDA- approved product. 

So once you glide it over your skin, it builds collagen, repairs elasticity, and gives you a healthier and glowy look by tightening the pores. 

7. Air-selfie flying Camera 

Are you a budding blogger with an extremely strong passion for photography? Or, you are a wanderer who loves to explore places and want to capture memories from different views? AIR PIX flying camera could be the piece you’ve been looking for for a long time. 

Nonetheless, you can also live stream on Facebook, Instagram, or youtube with this device with smooth air-flight stabilization. It has a 12MP camera for high-resolution pictures and 1080 high-definition videos. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and buy this flying camera and make every experience much more fun and memorable. 

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