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  • Camera Lenses

You can easily improve your smartphone photography and videography by purchasing clip-on lenses. They expand your options with minimal expense – just make sure to check whether the lenses are compatible with your phone.
There are many different focal lengths available. Even though most flagships sport at least two rear-facing cameras nowadays, the lenses still help you produce effects that wouldn’t be possible with the built-in cameras.

  • Powerbanks

Nowadays, Powerbanks come in all sorts of shapes and colors – when choosing one, you should think about the power they provide, the portability, and how much they cost. When you only need your power bank to recharge your phone on a night out you’ll need way less power than when you plan on recharging multiple devices or want to take your power bank out for camping trips.
Take a close look at the mAh rating – the higher the number is, the more charge your power bank will hold. You should also check how fast its output is, especially when you want to recharge bigger devices like laptops or tablets. RS Components offer a wide array of different power banks.

  • Waterproof Cases

Whether you’re going on a beach holiday or just to protect your phone on a day-to-day basis – a good case can be worth gold. There are plenty of cases that keep your phone protected for everyday bumps and falls, but there is only quite a small handful that can handle being submerged in water for any amount of time.
There are generally two different types of waterproof phone cases: Those that are mostly a regular case and snap onto your phone securely and “drybags” that can store almost any valuables. No matter which ones you choose

  • Ring lights

Ring lights are ideal to produce some seriously Instagram-worthy selfies – they lessen shadows and diffuse light much more evenly on the face, so they’re amazing for close-up shots.
Nowadays, some Ring lights even come with different brightness levels or different types of lights to dimmable settings.
While most Ring lights get clipped onto your phone, there are also some that come with a clip attachment for it to be fastened on your table while also holding up your phone – perfect for filming tutorials and making sure you always have the perfect angle!

  • Portable Speakers

Portable Speakers are a must-have accessory for any music lover – whether you’re looking for something particularly small to take anywhere, something that’s durable and waterproof for a day on the beach, or a speaker that has fantastic audio quality – there are tons of options to choose from for multiple price points.
When you mostly plan on using your speaker at home it might also be a good option to use one that comes with a voice assistant so it can double up as a smart speaker that can also control other devices of yours.

Our smartphones are an increasingly essential part of our day-to-day life – these accessories and gadgets will make sure that you’ll get even more enjoyment out of them! Nowadays, there are options for almost any device so there are tons of options to choose from

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