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7 Best GTA San Andreas Mods To Try In 2020 GTA SA Mods

Undoubtedly, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is one of the best open-world games. Developed by Rockstar, GTA San Andreas is still played by millions of players worldwide. Of course, the video game is still alive because there is so much you can do in San Andreas. However, the main reason why millions of players still enjoy GTA San Andreas is because of amazing game mods.

You can find several GTA SA mods that add a refreshing element to the game. For instance, through mods, you can play as Iron Man, Hulk, and other superhero characters in San Andreas. Other than that, you can enhance the graphics of San Andreas to make it look like GTA 5. Like that, there are thousands of amazing San Andreas mods you can try. And to make it easy for you to choose, we’ve listed down the 7 best GTA San Andreas mods. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get it started.

Best GTA San Andreas Mods

S.NoBest GTA San Andreas Mods (2020)
1Gravity Gun Mod
3First-Person View Mod
4Parkour Mod
5Overdose Effects
6Cheat Menu Mod
7GTA SA – V Graphics ENB

1. Gravity Gun Mod

GTA San Andreas Gravity Gun mod
GTA San Andreas Gravity Gun mod

Do you want to pull people towards you and then throw them far away from you? Well, this GTA San Andreas mod lets you do exactly that. After you install the Gravity Gun Mod, our beloved Carl Johnson gets one more weapon in his arsenal, the ‘Gravity Gun.’

Interestingly, using the ‘Gravity Gun,’ you can pull anything, including Non-Playable Characters (NPCs), vehicles, and traffic lights. Then, you can throw them anywhere you like. To be honest, the feeling of seeing NPCs screaming and begging for mercy is unlike anything else.

Also, messing up with NPCs is everything GTA is about. So, you could say that Gravity Gun Mode is one of the best GTA San Andreas mods you can try out today.

Download: Gravity Gun Mod

2. GTA SA IV LOS Santos

GTA SA graphics mod
GTA SA graphics mod

When compared to games that are out today, GTA San Andreas does look outdated. The only reason people are still playing San Andreas is that there is so much to explore in Los Santos. However, what if there’s a GTA SA mod that re-textures the graphics of San Andreas to make it go head to head with GTA IV. Well, that’s ‘GTA SA IV Los Santos’ mod for you in a nutshell.

In short, this GTA SA mod replaces original Los Santos textures with the textures from GTA IV. It is one of those GTA SA mods that takes the game’s graphics to a whole another level. So, if you’re tired of playing Rockstar’s most-famous title in outdated graphics, then maybe, you should try out this GTA San Andreas mod.

Download: GTA SA IV Los Santos Re-Textured

3. First-Person View Mod

First person view in GTA San Andreas
First person view in GTA San Andreas

There’s no point in denying the fact that we all want to experience the brilliance of GTA San Andreas in a first-person view. Originally, the game was only available in a third-person view. However, thanks to the people working on several GTA San Andreas mods, one of those SA mods allows us to play the entire game in the First-person view.

By installing this GTA mod, you can observe everything in Los Santos more closely. Moreover, using weapons in San Andreas gets more fun when you are playing the game in first-person.

Download: First-Person view mode

4. Parkour Mod

Parkour mod in San Andreas
Parkour mod in San Andreas

In real life, not many of us could do backflips. However, it’s very much possible for us to insane backflips and handstands in GTA San Andreas’ all thanks to GTA SA Parkour mod.

The Parkour Mod V.2.0.4 allows you to perform a total of 65 tricks in the game, including back handspring, full twist, webster, cork, and a lot more. In short, you can literally stop traffic in the streets of Los Santos by performing incredible acrobatic skills.

Who knows, maybe after using GTA San Andreas mods like these, you’ll be motivated to learn these tricks in real life as well.

Download: Parkour Mod

5. Overdose Effects

visual effects in GTA San Andreas
Improved Visual effects in GTA San Andreas

When Rockstar released GTA San Andreas, the graphics and in-game effects were actually good. However, for today, you can say that everything seems underwhelming. Well, that’s where San Andreas mods such as ‘Overdose Effects V1.5’ comes into the equation.

Surprisingly, the Overdose effects mod enhance visuals of blasts, water, sky, sparks, smoke, fire, etc. In short, the HD quality effects because of this GTA SA mod will compel you to use RPG on hundreds of vehicles.

Download: Overdose Effects

6. Cheat Menu Mod

Cheat menu mod GTA San Andreas
Cheat menu mod GTA San Andreas

If you’ve played GTA San Andreas, then you probably know how important it gets to remember all useful cheat codes. However, unlike GTA Vice City, cheats for GTA San Andreas are extremely hard to remember. That’s why players generally Google cheat codes while playing the game.

Well, if you’re tired of this practice and want to use Cheat codes with just a single click, then the GTA SA Cheat Menu mod is here for you.

After installing this mod in GTA San Andreas, you get the Cheat Menu on your game screen. You have to select the cheat you want to use by clicking on it. In short, you won’t have to type the cheat code manually.

So, you could say that this is one of those GTA San Andreas mods that saves a lot of your time while also making things easier for you.

Download: Cheat Menu Mod

7. GTA SA – V Graphics ENB

GTA 5 graphics in San Andreas
GTA 5 graphics in San Andreas

It is of the best GTA San Andreas mods you can download in 2020. Several GTA SA mods claim to improve the graphics of the game; however, only a few of them do the job without breaking your system. Well, fortunately, the GTA SA- V Graphics ENB mod works without any problem.

If upgrading the San Andreas graphics with GTA IV textures isn’t enough, you can go one step ahead and enhance the visuals with GTA 5 textures. After installing this mode, everything in Los Santos will seem more realistic.

So, if you are thinking of going back to playing San Andreas in 2020, then GTA SA-V Graphics is the best San Andreas you can try.

Download: GTA SA-V Graphics

Enjoy These GTA SA Mods In 2020!

That’s it; those were the best 7 GTA San Andreas mods you can install to enhance your experience in 2020. Of course, there are other mods for the game, but we’ve mentioned only the best ones in this list. Nevertheless, we’ll keep updating this list whenever we find a worthy GTA SA mod on the internet.

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