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Data science is an interesting technology that is growing rapidly. To compensate for the industry, someone needs to be prepared to take the time to conduct research and develop skills and knowledge. Whether you are a professional who works in the field of data science or candidates who have just started, always considered a good practice to be associated with resources that keep you connected with the current trend.

There are many resources spread on the internet, but sometimes they can be a little excessive. We have registered down the most useful 9 blogs that are often updated and will not only help you stay connected with trends in science data but will also offer advice and learning resources.

data science

Central Data Science

Starting in 2012, data science central is one of the leading and fastest internet communities in the industry for data practitioners. Whether it’s data science or machine learning or in-depth learning or large data, Central Science Data is a convenience store that includes various data science topics that include technology, tools, data visualization, code, and job opportunities. Also, many industrial experts contribute to community forums for discussion or questions. This blog has more than 130,000 followers on Twitter.

KD Nuggets

With more than 80 awards, Kdnuggets is a leading online resource for large data practitioners. Managed by Co-Founder Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro and Matthew Mayo Editor, Posts Kdnuggets usually on a deeper side unlike some surface level blog information.Being a leading publication with more than 25,000 followers on Facebook and 136,000 followers on Twitter, this site is updated several times a day.

Kaggle (no free hunch)

Founded in April 2010, Kaggle is an online community for fans of and machine students. Google’s platform allows users not to only find and publish data sets, but also allow them to explore and build models, work with other data scientists and ML engineers, and participate in competition to complete several data science challenges.

Nothing for free is Kaggle blog, platform for competition related to data science certification. Talking about why following this blog, the competition is a good reason to have this site on your radar. But it’s not the only thing – besides posting about future project competitions and opportunities, no free free also provides useful information such as general industry news and assisting tutorials. Kaggle has more than 133,000 followers on Twitter and more than 52,000 followers on Facebook.


Starting in August 2011, InsideBigData is a platform for news, strategies, products, and services from the world of large data. With a focus on the learning side of science machines, InsideBigData has become very popular among data practitioners. As the name suggests, this platform includes large data in several verticals which include IT and business and engine learning, in-depth learning, and artificial intelligence.

Pretty statistical

Run by three biostatistic professors – Jeff Leek, Roger Peng, and Rafa Irizarry, quite statistics are platforms about statistics in large data and how they are used by data scientists to solve real and important problems. From articles to interviews to courses, enough statistics have provided valuable content from the start. Also, you can follow statistics only on Twitter (more than 57,000 followers) and check it in GitHub.

Data science 101

Runned by Ryan Swanstrom, Science 101 data starts in 2012 and today, this is one of the leading blogs that provide resources for learning science. Over the years, Swanstrom has worked with several big names like Microsoft and Wells Fargo. In data science 101, he not only shared learning resources but also his experience in the field. So, if you are in the field of data science, 101 data science is worth diving inside.


Other resources that are useful for data scientists are dataconomy, hubs for all prospective data scientists. This is basically a global network of famous contributors to industries and local communities throughout Europe who share their knowledge and opinions about the platform and also, this is a great platform for news and data science events.

Data Science Report

Data Science Report is a data center blog run by a special executive search company called Starbridge partner. Whether you are a medium-level data scientist or pro, data science reports have got resources for all – it provides resources from all variations of the format to help readers in understanding science correctly.

Data Science & Psychology

Run by a Data Scientist Chief, Ravi Iyer, Data Science & Psychology is one of the interesting blogs that must be followed by every data scientist. The name itself is very interesting so blogs attract many readers throughout the industry. With a very unusual approach to analytics, this blog focuses on exploring social trends, ethics, and morality through data lenses

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