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Most of us don’t expect that in our lifetime we would be in a position where we lose our phones, or the chance might occur where we would need to track our cell phone location. Well, don’t be surprised when we tell you that to misplace your phone is one of the biggest everyday possibilities you can have. Hence, it is only prudent to be prepared for such an occurrence in life. 

There are a number of ways through which you can track a cell phone location, whether yours or someone else’s. You need to be in possession of the Gmail ID and password the Android cell phone is registered with or you can track phone number. It is imperative that you download the app Find my Device from PlayStore. Sponsored by Google, this app lets you track a cell phone location very easily. If you seem to have misplaced your phone, you need to log into Find My Device app from another phone, and sign in as a Guest, where you provide your email address and password. Once logged in, it will show you the number of devices that email address is connected with. 

You choose the particular cellphone whose location you want to know. Once done, you can see the cell phone location in real-time. However, the cell phone you’re tracking needs to be switched on, with active internet connectivity. If the device is on silent, and you would want to check your surroundings for the phone, you can play sound via the option provided, so that the person having it is alerted of its presence. If you think your cell phone has been compromised already, and you have sensitive data and information on your phone, you can also choose to erase all data. If the cellphone you’re trying to track is switched off, things get a little bumpy as Google will only reveal an approximate address for you.

track phone number

The approximate address is usually the cell phone location, where it was last active, with the time stamp as well. Also, when you use Google Find My Device to track someone’s cell phone location, they would receive a notification informing them of the same even if you don’t track phone number. What happens if you don’t want the person you’re tracking to know that you’re remaining abreast of their whereabouts? 

Without having to track phone number, there are other ways that let you track a cell phone location without the individual knowing directly that you’re trying to find out their whereabouts and track their locations. Here’s 6 other apps you can fall back upon for tracking a cell phone location, without having to track phone number: 

1. Minspy

Minspy is one perfect alternative for you to keep track of people you care about, secretly, without you having to track their phone number. You can directly access it from a web browser, and you don’t need to have an app installed on your device for this. It not only shows you real time cell phone location of the person, but also the recent locations he has traversed through, with a timestamp. You’ll have an update of where your loved one is, even when you’re not checking in real time or trying to track phone number of theirs.

2. Where’s My Droid

Developed by Alienman Technologies LLC, this app lets you track a cellphone location for free. Tracking is easier, convenient and effortless with this app and the user interface is smooth and the process is hassle-free, unlike other navigation apps where you have to track phone number. In case, your cellphone has been compromised, you would be allowed to use the camera via this app, to get a snapshot of the person using the phone. 

3. Geo-Tracker 

Another brilliant app, Geo-tracker lets you track your cell phone location for free is Geo-Tracker. Available in Google PlayStore, this app allows you to track cellphone locations as well as monitor the speed of your car or bike when you are travelling. 

4. Glympse

If you want an app that is suitable for tracking an Android device as well as iOS device, at the same time, without having to track phone number, this is your best pick. Glympse does the job of immediately locating your cell phone without having to track phone number, and also informs you about the location history of the target cell phone you’re trying to track. It operates via an online dashboard interface which shows you the location, history and all other relevant details.

What makes Glympse better than the rest is its ability to allow you to share your location to other individuals in real time, where you need to enter the ID of the target user. Whether Windows, iOS or Android, you can use Glympse with any of your devices. 


5. Find My Friends

Enough talk about Android devices and apps that help you track Android cell phone locations! Here’s something entirely unique for Apple users. Find My Friends is an iOS application that is developed by Apple Inc. You can download it from Apple PlayStore for free, and use it to securely track location of more than one device at one time.

This is secure, which is a big element of consideration when choosing a cell phone location tracking app or program, and this app ensures your maximum safety as well as the safety and security of the friends you’re trying to keep a track of. This app does not track phone number, either, which makes your job a lot easier.

6. FamiSafe Location Tracking

Sometimes, it so happens that it is difficult to be aware of where your loved ones are, at all times, but for their safety and well-being, it is best if you’re aware where they are, at different points of the day. FamiSafe Location Tracking lets you easily access the live location, with absolute accuracy without the need to track phone number. Like Google Find My Device, you can access the live location in real time and space, as long as internet connectivity is on, on the target device.

It also allows you considerable amount of Geo-Fencing, and has numerous other interesting features you can access, if you opt for its Premium plan. You can use innovative features like App Blocking, Web Filtering, Screen Time Scheduling, Suspicious Photos detection and Blocking Explicit Content when you upgrade to the Premium plan. Moreover, this app can be used by both Android and Apple users. 

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