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Hands up if you feel unmotivated, unproductive and super distracted while you’re at work. Whether that’s going and working in an office, or you’re tinkering away on a project at home, it can be so easy to procrastinate, especially if you’ve lost sight of your reason for starting out.

Regain Your Motivation at Work

However, when you find yourself in these situations, you’re always going to be stronger if you’re able to pick yourself up, remember why you started and push yourself to succeed.

Of course, this is easier said than done, but if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration to get you started, here are seven things you can do right now!

Table of Contents

#1 – Set Clear Goals

One of the biggest reasons you’ll find a lack in motivation with what you’re doing is you not being able to see what it is you’re trying to achieve clearly. Without clear goals and intentions, you won’t be able to focus your attention on success. Instead, try writing them down to make it easy.

#2 – Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

People say you are the five people you surround yourself with, and this couldn’t be truer. If you’re working in an office where everybody hates their jobs and don’t want to be there, this is how you’re going to feel. On the other hand, if you’re surrounding yourself with people who want to succeed, then you will as well!

#3 – Change Your Environment

Procrastination can occur quickly when you’re working somewhere you’re familiar with, and you get too comfortable and don’t want to push yourself.

By quickly changing your environment, you can renew your attention that will help you retain your focus and motivation. This could be as simple as a walk or spending a day in coworking spaces.

#4 – Don’t Be Scared of Failing

Another primary reason for losing motivation in what we do is being scared of failing, so we end up putting less effort in because it seems easier to give up that it does to fail.

However, the biggest rewards come from taking the biggest risks, so develop this attitude to enable yourself to do your best.

#5 – Remain Calm and Collected

When you’ve got mounting deadlines and people on your back, it’s easy to get stressed out and upset about everything that’s going on; ultimately knocking your focus and therefore your motivation for doing well.

When things feel like they’re building up, take a moment to yourself to get back to the present moment and remain calm.

#6 – Be Positive

Hand in hand with the consideration above, if you’re thinking pessimistically about what you’ve got to do or where you are in life at the moment, you’re going to feel pessimistic, and you won’t have the drive or passion for getting things done.

Be Positive

Developing a positive attitude can be one of the most effective ways to reapply motivation into your life and your work. Just always remember there’s a rainbow to every storm.

#7 – Remember Why You Started

Just like we said in the introduction, when we’re working on a project, and you’ve been working on it for some time, the novelty of your idea can wear off quickly, and soon the work you’re putting in seems pointless and like it’s holding you back.

However, by remembering why you started and retaining the passion that you have in your life for what you’re trying to achieve can be the greatest way to re-spark your motivation and get you back on track.


While this is only scratching the surface of the things you can do to maintain the motivation state of mind you have for your work. The seven things we’ve listed above are a great way to get started and will do wonders for your drive, passion, and reducing your levels of procrastination; providing you with that motivated state of mind.

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