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VPS for your Business in 2021


Today, websites and IT platforms have become the basis for the growth, maintenance, and information retention of many companies in a way that can ensure the proper growth and profitability of a company.

For someone who is designing a new website with the hope of growing to a much larger scale, choosing a reliable service with the highest level of security and quality is very important. In this article, we will define a virtual server and its benefits.

In recent years, virtual servers have become a popular web hosting business. This can be due to the increased level of knowledge and information of business owners about their basic needs and saving on extra costs.

VPS Benefits For Businesses

What Is A Virtual Server?

In short, the resources of a physical server, including RAM, CPU, disk space, and bandwidth, are allocated to multiple virtual servers using virtualization programs.

The performance of these servers is quite similar to a dedicated server and they are much more cost-effective than a dedicated server.

Each virtual server operates completely independently of the other accounts and therefore can use different operating systems with different versions, resources, software, and hardware. What makes this service popular is the dedicated but cost-effective server features.

When a company or business starts its activity in this field, the most important challenge is to choose the right service. Customers have often asked us which service would be right for them.

To help you make an informed decision in this regard, we will describe the features of virtual servers.

Where to buy a virtual server?

If you are going to buy a virtual server, the best option is to use Google results, and it is better if you want a Linux VPS server or a Windows VPS server to search it in Google, and according to its features and applications, choose a server and use it. Buy, but in this article, we will introduce you to the top 3 sites that offer VPS and dedicated server:

  • Start from $6.99 monthly – Datacenters in +15 location – Server Up-time 99.97%(Good) – Support all Linux and Windows versions.
  • Start from $4.99 monthly – Datacenters in +17 location – Server Up-time 99.61%(Poor) – Support all Linux and Windows versions.
  • Start from $6.99 monthly – Datacenters in +6 location – Server Up-time 99.89%(Fair) – Just support Linux os.
  • Start from $7.99 monthly – No location selection – Server Up-time 99.89%(Fair) – Just support Linux os.

We suggest that you first list your needs before buying and buy a VPS server accordingly.

Benefits Of Virtual Servers

1. Increase Reliability

Shared hosting acts like a domino column. The performance of one account can affect other accounts. When using shared hosting, the speed and performance of your site can be affected by other accounts on the server.

It is important to ask yourself if you are willing to take on these types of challenges for your website, especially if you have an important business?

In a virtual server, unlike shared hosting, traffic and other account activities will not negatively affect your performance.

Encrypted virtual web servers offer significantly higher stability and reliability than shared hosting. These servers are completely separate from each other and a small number of accounts are hosted on each physical server, which guarantees security, speed, quality, high performance, and optimal performance.

2. Complete Server Management

One of the most important options is to access the root server and apply the desired settings.

With root access, you or your server admin will have complete control over the server environment to customize it exactly to your needs. If you need a custom software package or port, you can easily install and configure it on the server.

In shared hosting, due to its limitations, it is not possible to use many programs required by a specific user, but by having a virtual server, you can bypass all these limitations.

On the web, the virtual server is provided in two forms of managed and unmanaged virtual servers, which in the managed mode will be your web server admin expert and will apply all your desired settings on the virtual server.

This feature is valuable because it does not require you to have technical knowledge of Linux VPS hosting management or hiring a server admin.

3. Increasing Productivity And High Performance

Dedicated resources of RAM, CPU, disk, and bandwidth allow you and site visitors to enjoy the high speed of the website and the loading of pages and their features.

4. Flexibility

In the virtual server, you are allowed to choose the operating system and software that you want to install on the server, you can also always upgrade each resource. A virtual server can easily and quickly allocate more or fewer resources to you as you need.

5. Cost Savings

A virtual server costs less than a dedicated server and more than shared hosting. But considering the features and facilities that it provides to the user, it will be very cost-effective.

6. Server Monitoring

A good VPS provider will seriously monitor your network, hardware, and software on which your service is located. This ensures the physical security of the server and also protects your service against virtual threats such as hackers, malware, and DDOS attacks.

7. Dedicated Mail Server

A virtual server has a mail service dedicated to your domain and only manages emails sent/received on domains on your server. It is possible to send/receive emails to a much larger number than shared hosting and has no restrictions on shared hosting. Due to the dedicated use of the mail server and having a dedicated IP, emails will not be blocked or spam and will definitely be received in the destination inbox.

8. Backup Management

Your VPS service provider should provide a way to back up your data. Because anything can happen on the hosting network, it is recommended that you use a service that allows you to back up.

You can set up on your server to back up your data automatically and at specified times and back up to the same server or disk as you prepare separately.


When you decide to move and grow in cyberspace and do not want to go back in time, it is important to consider a service like a fast cPanel VPS for hosting your business website.

By choosing and buying a virtual server, you will have complete control over your service while you will have a much higher level of security, speed, efficiency, and flexibility than shared hosting.

LD Player Review


TikTok is a video-sharing social networking platform owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. This platform was first released in 2014 by Musically, but later on, in 2016, the venue was revised and named TikTok. Furthermore, TikTok has an outstanding rating of 4.5-Stars and more than 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store alone. Also, TikTok is one of those apps, which has mostly been in the news.

There are two reasons for which the app has been in the news. Firstly, TikTok attracted almost every person, so it has an insane amount of downloads. The app is considered extremely addictive because a lot of individuals received fame through this it.

The other reason is that lately, TikTok got banned and unbanned in various countries. The insane amount of addiction and the hunger for fame made people perform such activities, which led to their lives endangered. Despite this, TikTok was made to post short video clips, with a duration of 3 seconds – 1 minute. Different genres such as musical, comedy, educational, and lip-sync videos are made just for the sake of fun and entertainment. But people, blind to get fame, took it very seriously, leading to harm themselves.

live tiktok

By examining all of this, various Asian countries implemented a ban on this app. Moreover, TikTok is not only a source of entertainment, but you can also earn from it. The app’s Live feature allows your fans to send gifts, which later on can be cashed.

Not only this, huge companies and brands have started to approach the popular TikTokers, having more than 5 million followers. These companies come to them and pay them to make a 10-15 second promotional video of the product they intend to sell.

Lastly, there is no doubt in the fact that TikTok is an entertaining platform. Looking at the content created by various content creators is a good source of spending your free time.

LDPlayer – Download TikTok on your PC:

LDPlayer is a free Android Emulator designed to download Android and Google Play Store applications onto your PC. With more than 100 million satisfied users all over the globe. The Emulator is Free to download and contains almost every free application available on Google Play Store.

As per the fame and demand of users, LDPlayer has managed to bring TikTok onto its emulators so that all people desiring to have the app on PC can do that.

Furthermore, various features will convince you to download this Emulator, not only for TikTok but also for other applications.

ld player for pc

Moving forward, your PC is capable of running high-performance applications without any complications. Due to your PCs’ high-end specifications, applications can run better and smoother on—TikTok, one of those applications which require a fast refresh rate and high RAM.

Indeed, phones these days are very high spec’d, but they still cannot match the performance your PC will provide you. Also, highly spec’d phone are often very costly, and most people avoid spending so much of their hard-earned money on mobile phones.

This is why PCs are still appreciated more than mobile phones for gaming and usage of high-performance applications. Moving ahead, LDPlayer has a constant refresh rate and is capable of running these high-performance applications on low spec’d PCs with ease. Download LDPlayer, give it a shot, and you will know better downloading this Emulator was the right decision or not.

How To Download TikTok on PC using LDPlayer? 

You have to follow these steps to download TikTok on PC:

  • First of all, download and Install the LDPlayer Emulator from the official website.
  • Next, create a Gmail account or log in through your old Gmail account currently in your use.
  • Once done with that, search for TikTok on the Google Play Store or the LD Store, wherever you want to.
  • After searching, you have to download TikTok by clicking on the install button, and you are ready to use it on your PC.

Moreover, you are more than welcome to download the APK file of TikTok by searching it on the internet and later dragging it to the LDPLAYER’s window. Interestingly, LDPlayer allows you to install the pre-downloaded APK files onto its Emulator, enabling you to save time.


LDPlayer is one the most popular Android Emulators available on the market. It is free to download and so far has more than 100 million satisfied customers. Furthermore, using TikTok on LDPlayer will allow you to have a great, smooth experience.

Because of your PC’s high refresh rate and high specifications, LDPlayer can run TikTok better than it runs on your mobile phone. Lastly, this Emulator overall is excellent, and we suggest you install it not only for TikTok but for other applications as well.

Best Mobile Phone Spying Apps


Highster Mobile

One of the powerful cell phone monitoring services out there, Highster Mobile allows you to track phone calls, messages, location history and other relevant details on someone else’s phone. You don’t need to have the target device in your possession to track the device, and using this app is extremely easy and convenient. It not only secretly does the job of cell phone monitoring for you, but it also manages to remain undetected throughout. To monitor on social apps, you need rooting Android, whereas you need an Apple ID to monitor on non-jailbroken iPhones. You need just the phone number of the phone you’re trying to monitor. 

Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring


If you’re looking for a class platform cell phone monitoring app that has numerous ways for you to monitor the activities of a smartphone, whether it is audio or digital in nature, Flexispy is one of the best options you can opt for. GPS location tracking is enabled, and it is known especially for monitoring immediately instant messaging apps. 

Flexispy cell phone monitoring


A cell phone monitoring app of its kind that is specifically designed to monitor text messages, and location history of the user, PhoneSheriff also operates as the Parental Control App that allows you to set certain restrictions, if need arises. You can block calls, and you can enable notifications if that cell phone enters a particular location or leaves it. Not only can you protect your child from harmful content on the web, but also in real life.


A cell phone monitoring software used mainly by parents to spy on their children, allows parents to intercept calls and also monitor children via a spy camera. It also has spying software for tablets and PC. With this, you can listen to live calls, enable ambient listening and also spy on multimedia files. Capture key logs, or record calls, and keep yourself alert, at all times, via the alert wizard. 

Spyera cell phone monitoring

Mobile Spy Agent

Quite a marvelous cell phone monitoring app, Mobile Spy Agent helps you monitor the activities of your children or loved ones via which you can see their online activities as well as track phone calls. It offers absolute stealth mode to you so that you can keep an eye on your children, without them knowing and it is extremely easy to use and install. It offers device compatibility and is quite affordable. 


Whether it is your employees, or your children you need to keep a track of, MobiStealth allows you to monitor your loved ones in real-time location tracking. You can engage in cell phone monitoring, from a PC. This cell phone monitoring app is quite advanced and does not need you to have Android rooting, or iPhone to be jailbroken, to keep a track of things. It works round the clock, and keeps an updates of all details. It monitors individuals even when they’re geographically distant from you, and its surveillance features are quite innovative and striking. 

MobiStealth cell phone monitoring

mSpy – Cell Phone spy

A cell phone monitoring software for PC or Android, mSpy works silently in the background without informing the target user of your monitoring activities. Most cell phone monitoring apps work well, but use up a lot of charge and the battery consumption often alerts target users that something’s amiss with their phones. But mSpy does not use a lot of battery, so as battery consumption is at a minimum, it does not alert target users. The interface is extremely user-friendly, and protects smartphone against theft, and can be accessed from any browser without much difficulty. 

XNSPY Phone monitoring

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to cell phone monitoring, XNSPY is your answer. Look no further, as this app allows you to use all the premium and innovative features other premium plans offer. Monitor call logs, web browsing, track GPS location, and access chats and keep an eye on instant messaging apps. There are two versions to this application. The basic free version gives you access to some stuff, whereas the premium version allows you to have a look at everything you can possibly imagine. 

Google Family Link

An advanced phone monitoring tool from the house of Google, Google Family Link allows your family to create and maintain healthy digital habits, and you can directly manage all the apps your children use. If you don’t want your children to have access to some apps, you can directly block them and they cannot access from Google PlayStore. You can receive weekly or monthly reports on performance. You can set daily screen time for your children. 

Google Family Link cell phone monitoring

Spyic Cell Phone monitoring

The last on our top ten picks for cell phone monitoring services is Spyic, which is a reputed as well as definitive parental control app, that is also known for its remote monitoring qualities. You can get real-time location details of the target user, and of course, without them knowing. It enables you to monitor all the phone calls that are happening, keep a track of incoming calls as well as outgoing ones, remotely. You can read all messages being sent to the device, even the deleted ones. Keep an eye on their browser history so that you’re abreast with their digital habits and tendencies. Contact overview can also be seen, and this is compatible with all devices. It works best with Android 4.0 devices, or iOS devices. 

How to order Post Cards via the Internet


Sending cards to someone whether your parents, friends or any special person feels quite amazing. If you are not living close to your loved ones then you can send them cards on their special day or if you want to invite people for your some occasion then too you can send out heartful cards.

It can also be quite tedious to send greeting cards to so many people. But the online card-sending services have made these things quite quick and easy. Sure, you can send our invites online too with services like Evite but if you like to send our physical cards like the old times then there are websites that can make this task easier for you. Yes, you can get physical cards sent out to people on your behalf.


These websites provide you lots of card premade designs. You just have to enter add the name of the recipient and the message. There are also lots of customization options. You would feel like you are actually crafting these cards.

Postable is one such website popular for posting cards. You can send real paper cards to anyone Postable. Get discount on Postable orders with CouponChief. There is a lot more you need to know about Postable. So, here we go…

Steps To Send Cards To Your Loved Ones With Postable

Sending cards to your loved ones via postable is pretty simple. You just have to follow a few simple steps to send beautiful cards with the help of Postable. Here is the complete guide on how to send cards to your loved ones with Postable.

  1. First of all, you need to visit the official website of Postable. So, open
  2. Now you need to browse the card that you want to send to your loved ones. Postable have so many categories of cards that you can choose from. The good thing is that it has categorized the cards into several easy-to-browse categories which makes it pretty easy to find the desired type of cards.
  3. So, from the top menu of the website, hover your mouse over the Browse Cards option.
  4. It would show you the complete list of categories of the cards. Postable includes new year cards, business cards, birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, get well soon cards, Hanukkah, Christmas, father’s day, religion, and special cards too.
  5. Now, click on the category of the card that you want to send. It will then provides you hundreds of cards of the same category you chose. Like here, I have selected the birthday cards category.
  6. Among the given cards, you need to select one card.
  7. Next, it will show you the pricing details of the card. And then you have to click on the get started option.
  8. After that, you have to fill up some details such as the recipient’s name and the address. You can even write a little message 0n the card. At last, click on the save card option.
  9. When you have completed last step, it would take you to another page where you would see the checkout option as shown in the image below, simply click on it.
  10. Now, add your name and your address in the blanks and hit the save return address button.
  11. You are done creating the card, now you only have to checkout and make the payment. Postable will send you a card and provide you all the details related to your order.

What Does Postable Offer You

So, you see how easy it is to send a card using Postable. Now let us know what does this amazing website offer you.


The cards are made of 100% recycled paper with amazing quality. You can simply send any type of card to this website. It also allows you to upload your own card instead of creating one on their site and send it to your favorite person easily.


Postable offers you real handwriting fonts that look amazing. These real handwriting fonts add a personalized touch to the cards. It won’t look like just a simple online created card but would feel like something really personal and beautiful. Their non-handwriting fonts are quite wonderful too.


Another great thing about Postable is that they don’t charge you any extra with hidden prices. They mention the price of the card and you get the free envelope, free addressing and mailing, and of course the huge volume discounts.


Postable doesn’t compromise with the quality of the paper. It offers you the best luxurious paper cards which are recycled. You would love the quality of the Postable cards.


Another helpful feature of Postable is that you can get the mailing address of your friends if you do not have it already or it is pretty complicated. It provides you a link that you can send to your friends, they would then fill their mailing address there, and you will get details of all your friends in one place easily.


Postable lets you create custom invitations for your custom events. You can craft the greeting card as you would like and send it to the receiver(s).


Last but not least. Postable helps you send those hundreds of thank you replies too whenever people wish you for any occasion such as anniversaries, birthdays, etc. with their thank you cards.

So, this was all about Postable. I really liked this wonderful site. It provides hundreds of options for the cards. You can find cards for every occasion here. Also, the pricing of the cards is pretty decent. Of course, there are many other greeting cards services too so, if you wish, you may compare pPstable with others and see what works best for you.

Best Science Blog in 2021


Data science is an interesting technology that is growing rapidly. To compensate for the industry, someone needs to be prepared to take the time to conduct research and develop skills and knowledge. Whether you are a professional who works in the field of data science or candidates who have just started, always considered a good practice to be associated with resources that keep you connected with the current trend.

There are many resources spread on the internet, but sometimes they can be a little excessive. We have registered down the most useful 9 blogs that are often updated and will not only help you stay connected with trends in science data but will also offer advice and learning resources.

data science

Central Data Science

Starting in 2012, data science central is one of the leading and fastest internet communities in the industry for data practitioners. Whether it’s data science or machine learning or in-depth learning or large data, Central Science Data is a convenience store that includes various data science topics that include technology, tools, data visualization, code, and job opportunities. Also, many industrial experts contribute to community forums for discussion or questions. This blog has more than 130,000 followers on Twitter.

KD Nuggets

With more than 80 awards, Kdnuggets is a leading online resource for large data practitioners. Managed by Co-Founder Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro and Matthew Mayo Editor, Posts Kdnuggets usually on a deeper side unlike some surface level blog information.Being a leading publication with more than 25,000 followers on Facebook and 136,000 followers on Twitter, this site is updated several times a day.

Kaggle (no free hunch)

Founded in April 2010, Kaggle is an online community for fans of and machine students. Google’s platform allows users not to only find and publish data sets, but also allow them to explore and build models, work with other data scientists and ML engineers, and participate in competition to complete several data science challenges.

Nothing for free is Kaggle blog, platform for competition related to data science certification. Talking about why following this blog, the competition is a good reason to have this site on your radar. But it’s not the only thing – besides posting about future project competitions and opportunities, no free free also provides useful information such as general industry news and assisting tutorials. Kaggle has more than 133,000 followers on Twitter and more than 52,000 followers on Facebook.


Starting in August 2011, InsideBigData is a platform for news, strategies, products, and services from the world of large data. With a focus on the learning side of science machines, InsideBigData has become very popular among data practitioners. As the name suggests, this platform includes large data in several verticals which include IT and business and engine learning, in-depth learning, and artificial intelligence.

Pretty statistical

Run by three biostatistic professors – Jeff Leek, Roger Peng, and Rafa Irizarry, quite statistics are platforms about statistics in large data and how they are used by data scientists to solve real and important problems. From articles to interviews to courses, enough statistics have provided valuable content from the start. Also, you can follow statistics only on Twitter (more than 57,000 followers) and check it in GitHub.

Data science 101

Runned by Ryan Swanstrom, Science 101 data starts in 2012 and today, this is one of the leading blogs that provide resources for learning science. Over the years, Swanstrom has worked with several big names like Microsoft and Wells Fargo. In data science 101, he not only shared learning resources but also his experience in the field. So, if you are in the field of data science, 101 data science is worth diving inside.


Other resources that are useful for data scientists are dataconomy, hubs for all prospective data scientists. This is basically a global network of famous contributors to industries and local communities throughout Europe who share their knowledge and opinions about the platform and also, this is a great platform for news and data science events.

Data Science Report

Data Science Report is a data center blog run by a special executive search company called Starbridge partner. Whether you are a medium-level data scientist or pro, data science reports have got resources for all – it provides resources from all variations of the format to help readers in understanding science correctly.

Data Science & Psychology

Run by a Data Scientist Chief, Ravi Iyer, Data Science & Psychology is one of the interesting blogs that must be followed by every data scientist. The name itself is very interesting so blogs attract many readers throughout the industry. With a very unusual approach to analytics, this blog focuses on exploring social trends, ethics, and morality through data lenses

Free vs Paid Video Chats


Having appeared more than 10 years ago, online video chats remain popular to this day, and in 2020, interest in them has increased even more. So, what are they?

Video chat is an Internet service (website) for online communication with random interlocutors using a webcam and microphone. Most of the chats offer a quick one-button connection without registration: the system itself automatically connects you with a random interlocutor, and if they do not suit you, you can always click the ‘Next’ button and meet a new person.

choose video chats

Free video chats

The basic functionality of these websites is often quite limited: video communication, text messaging, filtering of interlocutors by country, less often by interests. People come here to have fun, chat with people from different parts of our planet, and then return to their usual business and forget about it as another trip to a cafe. You had fun, it was pleasant, and that’s it.

Partially paid online video chats

Partially paid online video chats include a list of additional features for premium users, for example:

  • filter by gender,
  • flexible search settings for interlocutors by interests and topics for communication,
  •  disable ads on the website,
  •  VIP-badge for your account that increases user confidence,
  • various “masks” for chat,
  • the ability to return to the previous interlocutor after pressing the “Next” button.

Let’s take a look at the top five popular chat roulettes that position themselves as free and see which of them offer additional features on a paid basis.


The oldest random chat provides the most basic functionality to its users. It includes video communication, tag filtering and text messaging. A nice bonus is the observer mode, when one person sets a topic for conversation and can watch as a random couple of interlocutors discuss it.

All Omegle features are completely free.


It was launched almost at the same time as Omegle and it also includes basic features of such services: instant connection to video chat, no registration, and … that’s all. Recently, text chat has disappeared from ChatRoulette, so the service has no additional functions.

As a result, the website is also completely free.


Simple and clear random video chat providing its users with the following functions:

  • audio and video communication,
  • texting,
  • access to various chat rooms,
  • complaints about indecent users.

However, unlike the aforementioned competitors, ChatRandom also has additional paid functions:

  • connecting to the chat room with girls,
  • filtering interlocutors by gender,
  • wider selection by country,
  • “Back” button to return to the previous interlocutor.

Monthly paid subscription in 2020 is $19.99.


This is not a traditional chat roulette, which allows everyone to create their own chat room, which up to 12 people can connect to. You can register for free, connect to the “room”. Tinychat also has paid services:

  • HD fullscreen-video
  • no advertising
  • bonus set of local virtual currency.

Premium account price – from $9.95 per month.


The youngest service on our list was launched in 2017. Like the chat rooms mentioned above, Shagle includes free and paid functionality. The free one includes:

  • registration,
  • video chat,
  • text chat,
  • filter by countries,
  • filter to look for interlocutors.

Premium users who purchase a paid subscription that costs $19.99 per month get access to the following features:

  • gender filter,
  • virtual gifts for interlocutors,
  • special badge of the verified user,
  • filtering by more than 200 countries,
  • the ability to return to the previous user,
  • disable ads.

Paid random video chats

Basically, they include most of the above functions, but the main thing for which a fee is taken is the quality of the service, the level of communication with support, good moderation, and “audience purity.”

Often, users who have tried several free video chats eventually switch to paid chat roulette like CooMeet russian ones because of these advantages.


Naturally, each communication format has its fans, its pros, cons and features. It takes time to decide which one suits you best, and whether you want to use additional functions or get “everything at once” after weighing all the pros and cons. The main thing is your satisfaction with the service

How to make Video Games


We all love to play video games, but hardly any of us asked the question “How is video game development going?” In this article, we will try to understand this issue.

All development stages in video game development company – Whimsy can be divided into 4 main chronological parts. This is the concept, pre-production; production, and post-production (post-production), designers are necessarily immersed in all these stages. At each of these stages, certain groups of specialists work, and the importance of each of these stages is very high.

Video Game Development


Every game needs an idea to be realized. An idea is a project of the entire development team, and it can draw inspiration from anywhere. Generators of ideas decide which genre the game will belong to, and then work is already happening in accordance. The concept chosen by the designers can be an original idea, a continuation, or it can be based on some kind of license. 

The license can be based on:

  • a book;
  • a movie;
  • specific people;
  • characters.

After the concept is selected and formulated, it is necessary to draw up a concept plan and present it to decision-makers. These are the very guys who finance projects, and if they like your idea, then you can start the design process. If the project is based on some kind of license, then you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holder. The preparation process must be very effective from the concept stage, and all developers and artists must have the same vision that the designers originally had.


Now a more detailed project document (Game Design Document) of the potential game is being designed, and this is mainly done by the chief designer. This document defines the main goals of the game and whether the design is realistic and achievable enough. If this is unattainable, then adjustments are made to the design. After everything is done, programmers come into play.

These guys start working on development software and also prepare a detailed technical report explaining what technology they will use to create the game and what engine it will run on. The artists then create the ideas and concepts that were originally conceived.

Obviously, all this work does not happen without the supervision of core developers and designers. Then the producer and project manager bring all the teams together and together they draw up a plan and time frame during which the assigned tasks will be completed. All this requires the ability to work under extreme stress and perform work on time and at the same time not lose quality.


This is the most important part in a video game development and the area where maximum expertise is required and the most money spent. All departments begin to work at the same time and are engaged in the work that was assigned to them. You have people working in sync with each other:

  1. tool programmers;
  2. engine programmers;
  3. user interface designers;
  4. artificial intelligence (AI) programmers. 

Animators and artists work on rendering and animating characters, objects, backgrounds, texts, and interface designs.

Development software must consider all of these points; otherwise the game has every chance of failing.

Then, the sound effects department adds all the necessary sounds and noises that may be required in the game. Hero voices, background music, sounds in the interface, and much more – that’s what these guys are up to. The development cost can be very high due to the large number of specialists involved in the development and the cost of the equipment and technology used during this development. The producer and project manager simultaneously assess that all work has been scheduled and that all deadlines are being met. They also conduct detailed market risk assessments and try to predict how successful the game will be.


Finally comes the testing phase and you will know how to develop a game. After a game has been developed, testers must play it and find all the possible bugs that appear in it. A bug fix is developed for all identified errors. Then the graphics and gameplay are set up, and now the product is ready for delivery to the manufacturer. Marketing is also a very important part of the production of video games, and it is constantly engaged in all stages of production. A non-disclosure agreement about the game must be concluded with the developer; otherwise the reaction of consumers may be spoiled

Turning off Google Discover Function


Before you familiarise yourself with the steps to turn off Google Discover, you must know what exactly is it. Well, it is a feature by Google and it offers you very helpful information, especially those that are trending worldwide. It does so with the help of the Google App and you too can access it by means of a left swipe on your home screen.

Google app is filled with a variety of news and stories that you can know more about with the help of the Google search app. In addition, the Google Discover feed comes with an added feature that allows you to customise it the way you want.

This way you can include everything that you are most interested about. For those who are news junkies, this app is their ultimate stop to come across everything around the world that is making the headlines. And yet for others, this app may not be that helpful and actually (if I were to stretch it a little) just plain annoying. If you belong to the latter category, you have come to the right place as I am about to share with you, how you turn off Google Discover and not be disturbed anymore.

Turn Off Google Discover

For those who are interested, you can turn off Google Discover using any of the two methods discussed below. One of them is “from the Home Screen” and the other is “through the Google App”.

How to turn off Google Discover from the Home screen

The most common technique people usually employ in order to turn off Google Discover is from the home screen of your smartphone. Once you follow this method to turn off Google Discover, the app completely shuts down. This means that, you will no longer be able to access the Google app with a slight swipe on the left side of your home screen. If you want to turn off Google Discover by means of this method, you must go through the following steps.

Step 1: To turn off Google Discover, tap your home screen and hold on it as long as a menu does not pop up on your screen. Once that happens, you will see a number on this pop-up menu. You will have to select the option that reads “Home settings” in order to turn off Google Discover.

Step 2: Once you click on the Home settings, you will be directed to a different screen on your smartphone. Here too, you will come across multiple options out of which you will have to select the option that says “Show Google App”. You will a switch like button to its right which indicates that it is still functioning. In order to turn off Google Discover, slide the switch to your left so that switch is turned off. Once you have done this, it means you have disabled the Google Discover option. In other words, you have been able to turn off Google Discover.

Now, the thing to remember while performing this method to turn off Google Discover is that these settings vary from smartphone to smartphone. That is, you will not find these options in the same place in all phones uniformly. Therefore, the best thing that you can in order to quicken the process to turn off Google Discover is by going to the actual settings option in your smartphone, locating the home settings option from there and then turning off the Google discover as discussed in the previous two steps.

Once you follow this method to turn off Google Discover, the Discover feed will completely vanish from your smartphone and you will no longer be able to access them again. Some may be content with that, but others may not want to go to that extreme. If you want to turn off Google Discover and yet not disable the app completely, you should continue reading as the next method tells you exactly how to do that.

How to turn off Google Discover with the help of the Google app

The previously discussed method can completely disable the Google Discover feature from your smartphone. However, if you do not want that to happen, then you should follow the steps that I am about to mention in order to turn off Google Discover. The advantage of this method is that it does not completely disable the Google app. Instead, the Google Discover stories get disabled and you will not be receiving regular updates any more. At the same time, you can still use the Google search option by a simple swipe to the left on your smartphone.

Step 1: To turn off Google Discover, take your Android phone and open the Google app. You can also swipe the home screen of your smartphone to the left in order to access the same.

How to Turn Off Google Discover

Step 2: Once you have opened up the Google home page, scroll down to the bottom right side of the screen. You will see an option that reads “More”. You will have to click on that option which will take you to another option that reads “Settings”.

Step 3: Once you have opened up the Settings home page, you will come across a list of options there as well. From this list you will have to select the option that says “General” in order to turn off Google Discover.

How to Turn Off Google Discover

Step 4: From there you will be directed to the “Discover” option where once again you will find a switch like button to its right which indicates that it is still functioning. In order to turn off Google Discover, slide the switch to your left so that switch is turned off.

How to Turn Off Google Discover

Once you have turned off the switch, this new setup will no longer enable the stories, or cards and most importantly any advertisement to appear on the Google app of your smartphone. However, the left swiping will still remain valid and you can still conduct normal Google search operations, even though you have managed to turn off Google Discover.

Of course, you can now use other apps like Google Chrome to check the news and discover stories.

Things to consider when choosing a Payment Gateway for your eCommerce Site


The world now predominantly shops online and if you don’t have a suitable payment gateway you will be limiting your opportunity to grow the business if you don’t offer your customers the ability to complete a transaction swiftly and securely.

Making the right choice when it comes to choosing a payment gateway for your eCommerce website could prove to be a critical decision and here are some key pointers to consider so that you can get it right.

Enhancing the customer experience

Your top priority should always to be proactive in ensuring that every customer enjoys a seamless and uncomplicated experience at the point of checkout.

A significant number of shopping cart abandonments occur as a result of the customer being dissuaded by the payment processing function being too complicated and once they feel that it is too much hassle the odds of them returning to your site diminish too.

It is essential that you confirm that the payment gateway you are intending to use offers users a seamless experience that works perfectly for your customers as well as giving you what you want as well.

Payment Gateway

Be ready for a global market

One of the defining features of the internet is the fact that it offers you the chance to sell to customers around the globe and that means you don’t want to limit your selling opportunities because you don’t offer multi-currency transactions.

Currency exchange calculations and fluctuations in values can make it challenging to offer international transactions but if you find a payment gateway that offers this option they will be able to take care of the regulatory as well as the transactional aspects of this option.

Fees you are happy with

You expect to be charged payment fees but you will quickly discover that fees and other transaction charges can vary greatly depending on who you decide to use.

It would be a good idea to calculate your estimated revenue that you expect to generate annually from your eCommerce website so that you can get a realistic and accurate quote for payment fees.

Support when you need it

If you have a problem with your website going down you will want to be up and running as quickly as possible so that you don’t lose revenue and customers.

A good way of achieving this aim would be to choose a payment gateway provider who delivers around the clock customer support.

Security protocols

Online businesses have to contend with a variety of threats to their security on a regular basis and if your site is compromised it can be costly, not just in terms of lost revenue but reputationally as well

If a customer entrusts you with their personal data they expect you to take good care of it and you need a payment processing system that allows for a secure transaction each and every time.

Look for a payment gateway provider who takes online security as seriously as you do and has the technology to offer secure transactions.

If you can tick the boxes on all of these key points you will be well on the way to finding the right option for your eCommerce business.

Guide to eCommerce SEO


If you’re a business owner, I’m sure you realise that traffic is where it all starts

As a result, that probably means you’ve dabbled with eCommerce SEO. Perhaps even considered working with an excellent eCommerce SEO agency to get the most out of the services they offer? 

This article is for those who haven’t thought about eCommerce SEO yet and those who need to refresh their eCommerce SEO knowledge! Read on for some easy info 

What is eCommerce SEO, and what is it good for?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process through which you can generate great and genuine organic traffic from search engines. 

As a by-product of that, eCommerce SEO aims to ensure that your website, products or services appear among the top ten results – ideally even the top three.

eCommerce SEO

The higher your rank, the more traffic you get!

And to get the highest rank possible, it’s evident that you have to show up as much as you can for as many possible search terms that might be used. To do that, there are three main things you can do:

1. Keyword Search

No, this does mean like a word search… but searching for keywords that could apply to you and your business. 

There are tools out there that help you do that, or you could start simpler: 

Whenever you make a search, Google not only automatically fills in with their suggestions, but also, conveniently, have a list at the bottom of the page for similar searches. 

This can help you find similar searches and give you ideas for other keyword or long-tail phrases you could use. 

  • Research Tools

Apart from doing your research, there are helpful tools such as SEMRush which can help find out keyword difficulty, metrics and other suggested phrases and compare with other similar products and check how you can improve your rank over them. 

And here are a few tips on how to pick the right keywords for your eCommerce SEO list:

  1. Volume: the higher the search volume, the more potential traffic.
  2. Competition: the higher the volume, the more competition – the lower the competition, the easier it is to rank for something, so look for high volume low competition keywords.
  3. Relevancy: Aim to rank for words that fit your business or products.

2. Site Structure

The way you chose to organise your site will affect the rankings. So, aiming to make your page as easy to navigate as possible and visually appealing is vital. 

To make this more comfortable for you, focus on this:

  • Simple design that is easy to scale as your business grows
  • Each page is as close to your homepage as possible

3. On-Page eCommerce SEO

Now that you know about keywords, it is also essential to understand how to optimise your product pages and categories – one of the eCommerce SEO services provided by agencies. 

The basics are as follows:

  • Focus on SEO features such as title tags, meta descriptions
  • Alt text for images
  • Filenames have keywords
  • Optimised URLs
  • Include long product descriptions
  • Use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI): Keywords that are closely related to your main focus keyword


So now you know that eCommerce SEO is excellent for getting those numbers flooding your site. You also know how this can be done! 

If you’re a guru, you may have that sorted by yourself. However, if you would like to outsource those skills, there are plenty of eCommerce SEO services provided by many agencies – take your pick!

Author Bio:

Kornelija Dedelaite is a writer at Deepak Shukla and researcher who lives in London. When she is not writing, she can be found clutching onto her camera or planning her next big trip abroad. 

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