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We all are fond of social media and love to share our pictures, videos, etc. on social media platforms. Many people are also engaged in making YouTube videos for their channels and also if you are gamer then you would definitely know that people also record their game and share it of YouTube, Steam and other platforms.

However, the raw videos that we shoot with our phones or cameras seldom worth sharing. You can’t simply record the video and upload it directly. They need generous editing, trimming, audio and some special effects to become presentable. It is important that the videos you are sharing are attractive and visually appealing to get the maximum number of views.

Well, the usual photo and video editing software are not easy to operate. Software like Photoshop can only be used by professionals because it takes months to master it. So, how do common folks like us can edit the videos with the least amount of trouble? The answer is Filmora Video Editor.

Filmora is a video editing tool provided by iSkysoft. You don’t need to take any training for using this software. It is really easy to use. This tool offers you all the video editing features including basic and advanced. You can even record the video with this software. There are two versions available of Filmora viz. FilmoraPro is the profession & recent version and the other one is the standard version of Filmora. So let’s compare these two versions of the Filmora video editing tool and know which one would suit you according to your needs.

FilmoraPro V/s Filmora9

Interface Customization

Filmora provides you a modern and elegant interface to work with. The interface of Filmora editing software is modern yet easy to use. If you use Flmora9 then you get a great interface with self-explanatory buttons and functions. But if you work with FilmoraPro then you get one more advantage i.e. interface customization. You can customize your FilmoraPro interface easily to make it even more convenient for yourself.

FilomoraPro enables you to add or remove the workspaces on your layout. You can add audio, effects, editing, color, media, and text workspaces. These are the collection of panels. You can drag and relocate the panels so that you can place them wherever you need them to be.

Create Compelling Content

This is what Filmora9 And FilmoraPro are popular for. You can create amazing and compelling content with the help of these video editing software. You got so many amazing tools with both flmora9 and FilmoraPro to take your video editing to the next level. The Filmora9 version of this software offers you all the basic features of video editing including split a single video into multiple clips, merge several video clips into a single one, crop out the borders and frames, trim any extra or unwanted video part, edit the image, mix audio, detach audio, edit image and so on. Along with these basic features, you also get some advanced video editing features too with Filmora9. These features include a green screen to superimpose to the subjects to different virtual background video clips, stabilize video, color tuning, play reverse, detach audio and so on.

But if you want even more professional advanced video editing features then FilmoraPro is the one that you need to get. Along with all the features provided by Filmora9, FilmoraPro offers some more useful and handy features.

  • Animation Effects
    To make your video even more pleasing and attractive you can take advantage of awesome animation effects offered by FilmoraPro. There are hundreds of animation effects available with this tool. You can apply effects and add text credits with some wonderful animations. Make your videos visually more appealing by applying these animation effects in between the video or images.
  • Color Grading
    Another advanced video editing feature of FilmoraPro video editing software is color grading. This feature helps you in correcting the colors of the video if required. It provides you auto-correction, control settings, color wheels, and scope which you do not get with Filmora9.
  • Hollywood Visual Effects
    Make your video even more professional with dozens of available Hollywood visual effects.
    These effects help you to add visual impact to your stories. 360-degree video, light flares, blur effects, etc are some of them.

Perfect Audio For Your Video

Not only for video editing but you can also adjust the audio and make it perfect for your video with FilmoraPro. The software is packed with a large number of audio adjusting features. Audio transitions for smooth sound between clips, automatic audio sync to replace the original audio, audio noise reduction to remove the background sound, audio multimix to mix or combine two or more audio clips into one, audio compressor to adjust the volume, etc are some of the audio editing features available with FilmoraPro.

Multiformat And Multi-Device Support

This is quite an important feature of FilmoraPro. This video editing software offers multiformat support, which means you can import video, audio, and images from tons of formats, including AVCHD, MXF, AVI, MP4,  BMP, GIF, TIFF, AAC, MP3, etc. You can import the video from any platform such as your camera, computer, etc.


Now you can download audio, images, videos, and effects from the online stock of Filmora with name Filmstock. It offers you paid as well as the free stock of amazing effects, audios, videos and images for all the video editing needs.


  • FilmoraPro free – $0 (all the features, including watermark)
  • FilmoraPro 1 Year – $89.99
  • FilmoraPro Lifetime – $149.99
  • Filmora9 1 Year – $39.99
  • Filmora9 Lifetime (1 PC) – $39.99
  • Filmora9 Lifetime (Unlimited/1yr) – $39.99


Get Filmora9 From Here

Get FilmoraPro From Here

Wrap Up

Both Filmora9 and FilmoraPro are very powerful and feature-rich. If you’re a beginner or semi-professional, Filmora9 is a good choice for you to get started with. But if you want to have more professional features such as audio editing and customized editing workspaces, FilmoraPro would suit you best. Pricing of both software is decent and the tools are worth every penny.

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