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A 2016 survey found that 7 out of ten respondents would pay an extra 10% of the marked car prices to have infotainment systems suitable for their needs, according to Accenture. Automotive technology has come a long way to enhance the driving experience. Today’s cars come pre-built with unique gadgets that make driving safer. Some of these features include dash cameras, heads-up display systems, and tire safety monitors, to mention a few. Here are 3 must-have high tech car gadgets for serious drivers if you’re in the market for a vehicle.

Car Charger With Alexa Support

Chances are you have thought of adding a digital assistant like Alexa in your car. This device allows you to issue commands using your voice. You can request Alexa to give you directions, change your playlist, or even make calls. Thanks to advanced technology, you can now have a digital assistant integrated with your car charger. Alexa-enabled 2-port car charger is a simple gadget that enables you to charge two phones simultaneously at a high-speed. It enhances your safety by letting you control the audio player using your voice and respond to calls hands-free so you can stay focused on the road.

Car Charger With Alexa Support 

Backup Camera

A backup or rearview camera should be a top consideration when reviewing ratings on automobile models and sizes. You want to be sure your desired vehicle is easy to maneuver in tight parking spaces and traffic. Ideally, a backup camera expands your field of view when driving. That way, you can see the surroundings behind the car to avoid hitting people and items. All the latest car models come equipped with inbuilt backup cameras. But if yours doesn’t have one, purchasing a rearview camera is a viable and inexpensive option.

Universal Onboard Diagnostic Reader

Years ago, only professional mechanics owned on-board diagnostic scanners and readers. Now, technology has made them accessible to all drivers. These gadgets send commands to various car systems and can repair malfunctions to maintain your vehicle’s overall health. On-board diagnostic scanners provide detailed information about the vehicle’s coolant, air temperature, throttle, and road speed while readers read and clear codes.The latest automobile models are equipped with incredible gadgets designed to keep you safe and comfortable. Whether you’re driving a high-end or affordable model, it will likely have backup cameras, voice assistant devices, magnetic phone car mount, and Bluetooth receiver. If it doesn’t, you can always buy your desired gadgets at low costs.

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