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PC gaming is a massive industry with an endless amount of systems, components, peripherals and most importantly, games for people to enjoy. When compared to console gaming, making the switch to PC gaming can be quite expensive, but the power and performance you’ll get for your money can’t be overstated. 

While you can easily make do with a regular monitor when it comes to gaming, especially if your budget is tight, a dedicated gaming monitor will complete your system, as well as add a few key benefits for gaming along the way.

Gaming Monitors And Regular Monitors

Frame Rate Handling 

One of the main differences between a gaming monitor and a regular monitor is how it handles higher frame rates. When it comes to gaming, you’ll be looking to hit a high, consistent frame rate to get the most out of your games, but what happens when your monitor doesn’t support this? 

If your frame rate doesn’t match up with the refresh rate of the monitor you can experience screen tearing which will ruin any gaming session. While your graphics card can remedy some of this with the use of VSync, this can often come with its own set of problems such as stuttering or input lag. 

Some monitors come equipped with AMD’s FreeSync or Nvidia’s G-Sync that can eradicate this problem completely by synchronising your monitor’s refresh rate to that of the graphics card. While you’ll have to have an AMD or Nvidia GPU to match that of your monitor, this is a great feature to have if you’re going to be gaming.

Refresh Rate

If you know you’ll be playing a lot of competitive games on your system, a monitor that supports a high refresh rate will give you a major advantage against the competition – as well as making your games look smoother and feel more responsive. 

The more times your monitor is able to update per second will result in less choppy images. You’ll want to look for a monitor with at least 75 Hz, but you’ll find most gaming monitors will offer at least 144 Hz.

A high refresh rate, when combined with low response times, will make images appear crisp and motion blur-free on your monitor. You’ll notice this especially when playing FPS games where good reaction times are essential

High Resolution Displays 

When it comes to making your games look as stunning as they possibly can be, it’s a shame to dedicate so many resources to running a game at its highest settings only to be let down by the image you see on the screen. 

A high-quality gaming monitor will be able to deliver a better quality picture at a higher resolution when compared to a standard monitor. Simply put, the higher the resolution you can run, the better the picture you’ll be able to see. 

Standard monitors will struggle to replicate the high level of quality you’ll want to experience when gaming, especially when things become heated and there’s lots happening on screen. At a minimum, you’ll want a 1080p monitor, but if you have the budget it’s well worth upgrading to either a 1440p or a 4K display to really make your games look great.

Colour Reproduction 

There are some cases where gaming monitors may not suit your needs though. If you are mainly using your system for a lot of photo or video editing, you may want to look for a monitor with a greater level of colour reproduction.

While gaming monitors outperform regular monitors in almost every way when it comes to gaming, colour reproduction isn’t an essential feature. Just as there exist monitors dedicated to gaming, there is also a wide range of monitors better suited for industry professionals who need a large monitor that can display their work accurately.

Final Word

All in all, it’s a simple fact that a gaming monitor will serve you well in the long run. A combination of higher frame rates, greater colour reproduction and a large resolution will make this a superior solution to a standard monitor.

If you want to play games competitively, a monitor with features such as a high refresh rate is starting to become essential. This increase in gaming performance can really help propel you to the next level, so make sure you do your research into which is the best gaming monitor for you before you make that final purchase! 

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