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Driving Activity Reporter Review

One of the top-selling no monthly fee car tracking devices is a product called Driving Activity Reporter. This GPS data logger is described as a 21st century security tool to help parents monitor teenage drivers and businesses track company drivers. But what makes this GPS tracker different from many of the other car tracking devices on the market? And more importantly, does the Driving Activity Reporter really provide all the data it claims? Let’s take a closer look at the GPS tracking device and manufacturer claims!

GPS Data Logger For Car

About The Driving Activity Reporter

Driving Activity Reporter is a GPS tracker with no subscription fees that is engineered with a magnet so users can put the tracking device outside of any vehicle. The top 5 features of the Driving Activity Reporter are as follows:

  • Records Every Second
  • Magnet For Outside Placement On Car
  • No Monthly fee GPS Tracking
  • Waterproof Housing
  • User-Friendly Online Software

The reason why GPS data loggers such as Driving Activity Reporter are popular is because the devices do not require any monthly fees like their real time GPS tracking counterparts. This type of passive technology is used to record information such as how fast a driver goes, the locations they stopped, the length of time they were parked at each location, and more. All of this vehicle tracking data is stored to internal memory of the GPS data logger where it can be reviewed when the user removes the GPS tracker from the automobile it was monitoring and connect the tracker to a computer via USB port. Once GPS data is transferred from tracker to computer, online software provides comprehensive reports outlining vast amounts of information such as the maximum speed drivers traveled each day.

GPS Tracker Reviews For Cars

After inserting two AAA batteries into Driving Activity Reporter we placed the no monthly fee GPS tracker underneath a Chevrolet Silverado truck. The GPS data logger stayed on the truck for 5 days, and on the fifth day (Friday) we removed Driving Activity Reporter from the Chevy truck to review the recorded data. Here are some of the conclusions we discovered from the experiment.

GPS tracker
  1. Driving Activity Reporter requires a tiny screwdriver to open the battery-door compartment. This observation has nothing to do with the performance of the GPS data logger, but did create a little inconvenience at the start of the review.
  2. The little magnet on Driving Activity Reporter was extremely strong! At first, we were concerned the GPS tracker could fall off the Chevy Silverado but the GPS data logger stayed secure to the vehicle the entire time.
  1. After removing Driving Activity Reporter from the truck we were surprised how easy the online software was to use. It was even compatible with both Mac and PCs. From the GPS tracking data we were able to determine our driver reached a max speed of 74 mph on the third day of the experiment, and were able to view every single stop he made throughout the week. Other cool data points included easy-to-read mileage reports, the duration of time our driver was stopped at each location and more. All of the reports could also be downloaded or sent via CSV, email or PDF, which is something that we felt would be very useful when the no monthly fee GPS tracker was being used for a business application.
  2. The battery-life was really good throughout the 5 day experiment, and the manufacturer claims the GPS tracker provides roughly 25 hours of continuous record time. Our driver drive about 2-3 hours per day so we can confidently say it worked great for 10-15 hours of total record time. Driving Activity Reporter has a built-in motion sensor that puts the tracking device into a sleep mode when it is not moving to help store battery-life.

GPS tracking of Car

Best Car GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee 2020

The Verdict

Driving Activity Reporter is a user-friendly GPS tracker with no subscription fees, and the information the tracking device provides really make it a great tool for a parent who wants to see how fast a teenage driver is going, or a business concerned about the driving habits of company drivers. With a compact size making it easy to hide the GPS data logger inside a vehicle, magnetic mount providing covert placement outside a car, and second-by-second recording, Driving Activity Reporter is one of the best car trackers with no monthly fees on the market today. Also, since the GPS data logger is not real time it will work anywhere in the world! No cellular reception or SIM car is needed! Simply place the Driving Activity Reporter on a vehicle, let it record driving activity, and remove the tracker to see every location the automobile has traveled.

We would certainly recommend Driving Activity Reporter to anyone who wants to track a vehicle and does not need real time updates on location. Users need little tech experience to operate the hidden GPS tracker no monthly fee, and will find it a valuable tool in helping determine unknown driving activity.

Pricing & Availability

Driving Activity Reporter is currently on sale for $159.00 at GPS Tracker Shop. The GPS data logger is supported with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and free technical assistance for the life of the product.

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