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Technology continues to change our daily lives at a rapid pace, and automation is at the forefront of these shifts. Automation includes a wide variety of applications, ranging from household thermostats to control systems with tens of thousands of input measurements and output control signals. In control complexity, it can range from a simple on-off control to multi-variable high-level algorithms.

More than ever, we are seeing robots move into the warehouse, replacing human workers. While there is concern over the addition of automation to the workforce, there are also many benefits in this move forwards.

1. Improving Processes

the improving process

The rise in automation has raised red flags for the future of human workers, but the reality is that human operators can co-exist with robotics. Collaborative robots, or cobots, are robots intended for direct interaction with humans within a shared space, or where humans and robots are in close proximity.

FANUC America, a leading manufacturer of cobot robots, have designed models that effectively create a coexisting assembly line of man and machine. With varying robot arms that handle more payload and carry more reach, repetitive tasks can become easier for human operators, while creating greater workflow and better practices for industry.

2. Reducing Costs

reducing costs

Humans and cobots are working together more and more, and that is creating greater efficiency and eliminating low value-add activities. The collaborative robots industry is expected to see a 4,800% increase in shipments by 2025. By including more cobots on the production line, companies can see a cost savings of 40 to 75 percent. According to Forbes Magazine, these moves can help companies gain extra time ranging from several months to several years.

The cobot market has led to the redirect of the manufacturing industry, looking into more specialty operators with experience in artificial intelligence, to help lower costs.

3. Saving Floor Space

saving floor space

FANUC’s CR Series Collaborative Robots safely work side-by-side with people without the need for safety fences, cutting hazard costs and providing more room on the work floor to operate easier. FANUC cobots immediately stop after coming into contact with a person or fixed object thanks to proven safe contact stop sensor technology.

These cobot and robot arms also serve multiple purposes and, some with mobile capability, are able to cover much more ground. FANUC’s proven technology and reliability opens a world of possibilities to automate entire assembly operations in any industry.

4. Ensuring Control

ensuring control

Internet security and automation safety are top priorities in working with cobots and robots in a shared workspace. The logistics of making sure that best practices are being implemented to ensure that safety standards are being met can be overwhelming. Thankfully, provides real-time, automated configuration and control of software-defined infrastructure for such enterprises.

Turbot separates each application environment into its own accounts by creating isolation at the network, resource and data levels. Safely segregated, teams are free to manage application infrastructure within automated, centrally managed policy guardrails.

With central access to all cloud accounts and resources, there is a greater ability for support and monitoring independent app teams to create a collaborative robot solution. Turbot helps users define and deploy policies across their accounts established while learning and sharing best practices. This gives a complete and total view of risk assessment, as well as an ability to oversee the entire environment for robotics in the workplace.

5. Achieving Agility


Separating apps into different cloud accounts allows for easier management of the human workforce. It’s part of Turbot’s mission to rethink robotics.

Proper software and app installation ensures data protection and proper encryption for automation to operate safely, while also managing reminders and controlling which services and databases can be accessible to certain accounts. These simple, predefined security group rules, automatically managed across accounts, keep track of security amid repeatability.

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