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here are fewer than 500 professional gamers around the world bringing in massive paychecks. But just because you aren’t earning like a pro gamer doesn’t mean that you can’t game like one. Keep reading to learn what you need to do to get started.

PC gaming

Rethink Your Setup

One big thing that professional gamers do differently from the amateurs is that they design their setup with their games of choice in mind. Most of us have a home office, a TV and couch, or even just a spot in our house we like to sit with our laptop when we play games. But odds are that these haphazard set-ups aren’t doing anything for your game.

Instead, think about how you can change where and how you play to improve your skills. For instance, having a mouse rather than a touch pad might give you more control in the game. And having a desk to sit at to use that mouse will mean fewer distractions and even more control. You don’t have to dedicate an entire room or even give up your desk for this. Instead, eliminate clutter and rethink your layout to minimize distractions and give you a greater range of motion and control.

Upgrade Some Key Pieces of Equipment

Gamers who are already raking in big paychecks or those hoping to do so in the future tend to shell out a lot of money to improve their equipment and setup. Professional gaming  systems start as low as $750, but can top out at more than $2,000, sources report.

But most casual gamers simply don’t have the cash to spend on equipment that’s only going to be used for gaming. If you do have some money to spend, carefully consider which items will actually improve your game. A better wireless mouse or a monitor with improved screen quality can have a direct effect on your game. By comparison, a keyboard that lights up or a new desk is less likely to help you improve your skills.

Test Your Ping Speed

No matter where you are in your quest to game like a pro, if your load times are lagging, you’re stuck in rut with little that you can do to improve it. That is, without improving those load speeds.

Ping speed refers to the speed at which your computer relays information to the gaming server. Fast ping speeds mean that your game runs smoothly. Slow ping speeds can cause interruptions and delays that can ruin your scores, and can even affect the graphics of your game, making it harder to see what’s going on and react to changes in the game. Very slow ping speeds can actually make it impossible to even play a game.

The type of game you are playing will affect the ping speed you need. But regardless, faster ping speeds is always better. Learning how to test ping speeds can help you find out whether or not you need to upgrade your WiFi or other equipment to stop slow loads from ruining your scores.

Start Gaming Like a Pro

You don’t need to be earning like a pro to game like one. By upgrading a few key pieces of equipment, rethinking your setup, and learning how to test your ping speeds, you can start improving your skills and mastering your favorite games in no time.

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