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Gone are the days when office spaces aren’t built and molded according to employee needs. More and more smart offices are coming into existence, as they not only boost productivity but also provide a congenial atmosphere for work. Combining the latest tech innovations with an office space magically transforms it into a hybrid work space brimming with possibilities, that increases efficiency, effectiveness and effervescence of a work space and its people. If you’re wondering how to turn your boring office space, do away with the drab, and get a space that motivates and encourages people to give their best every day, check out these 7 tips recommended by experts: 

1. Smart Locks and Doorbot

Robbery has not declined over the decades, robbers have only turned smarter and now employ cunning ways to break into the sanctity of your office space. Locks are man-made, and can be bypassed with a trick or two. Opt for maximum security safety of your possessions, when you’re away, by opting for smart locks and keyless doors.

Not only do you not have to worry about losing your keys anymore, but also let friends or employees in, with a simple click, when you’re not around. Besides, install a doorbot and see who is at the door, interact with them, if need arises, before unlocking doors. It ensures safety at all levels.

2. Smart Lights

Why have one set of lights for all when you have different moods, and different needs, every day? Have lights that suit your mood and create an ambience. Have the option to turn them on and off automatically, change the color and setting, or control the brightness and contrast of your lights, all from a Wi-Fi connected device. You can control your lights remotely, without having to get up, or physically do things. The Smart Home Wiser App is one of the many ways in which you can turn your home or an office space into a smart one. It can control your lights, temperature of the rooms, and sound.

In short, it turns your phone or tablet into a multi-purpose controller which allows you to operate several devices, for it allows you to master comfortable living and convenience at your smart home. Even when you’re not around, you can be informed of changes in your office.  

3. Smart cameras

That brings us to the next way you can turn your office space. Numerous visitors come and go, everyday, and to monitor and ensure the safety of your employees, it is important to have cameras installed. Your office might deal with monetary matters, or assets, and there might arises situations when things are stolen or they get misplaced. You can switch on to the recorded footage later and find out evidence, if things are amiss. The systems are designed, to detect intrusions, or monitor unusual activity in your office, all through day and night. You’ll receive notifications in case of unusual activities.  

4. Smart Sitting Spaces and Conference Rooms

Smart desks have been designed to increase employee productivity and efficiency, while ensuring good stand and sit postures for your employees. Similarly, smart conference rooms can be booked via an online application, and things shared are much more comfortable and convenient for everyone involved. A new bunch of smart desks now have the ability to not only make effective space of less spaces, but also ensure optimal thermal and visual conditions for employees. Moreover, the digital tools and cloud based tools are more available. In all, they make jobs easier and simpler, enhancing productivity and efficiency. 

smart conference room

5. Sensors

Sensors are a crucial cornerstone of a smart office. Without the right sensors installed, you might find it impossible to operate the functionalities of your smart office. The smart sensors detect motion inside and outside, that is, whether anyone has come in or gone out. This is crucial to protect assets inside your office, as well as prevent robbery of office equipment. It also helps you keep a track of unknown visitors.

They also detect whether a room is empty and turn off lights, besides detecting smoke in a room. They monitor your air quality, and temperature, ensuring the well-being of your employees within the premises of your office. Sensors allow you to be prepared for any unforeseen activities, that might be an accident, or a natural disaster, so as, to guarantee the safety and well-being of individuals in the office space.  

6. Smart Thermostat

The weather goes through ups and downs, but thermostats allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your office, to ensure your office’s ambience is perfect. They set the temperature, and allow you to relax in the comfort of your office. Moreover, smart office thermostats let you schedule daily events and special events. 


7. Smart Curtains

Smart curtains or window blinds usually come in customizable sizes for any window that your office space might have. It not only adds to the aesthetic, but also makes your job easier. You can schedule them to open, and close at regularized intervals every day, and control them with voice commands, whenever the need arises. Some models come with a unique system that helps them track the sun, so that the amount of light that gets into the room is constant. This allows you to save money on electricity bills while turning office into a smart office, while ensuring proper lighting and ambience. 

Automation is the future. It not only makes our lives easier but also makes our home and office more secure and more energy-efficient.

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