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Many owners often forget the kind of work that goes into assembling the timepieces. High-quality watches contain hundreds of parts, all assembled into one working machine that provides consistent timekeeping, as well as a lot of other features.

It’s understandable to wonder how one can even try to fix their broken watch. It is tempting to simply take the watch to the jeweler, look at the expensive repair costs, and write a check quickly.

Fortunately, with a little more knowledge on how to repair a broken watch, you should be able to delay or even avoid this option. Let’s take a look at how to repair a broken watch.

Man wearing a watch

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Figure Out Why The Watch Is Broken

There are many things that can be wrong with a watch, other than the simple error of the hands not moving. It may be a superficial crack, physical damage, or an internal issue that is causing the watch to fail.

The initial step in any sort of strong repair scheme is simple: Diagnosis. The following are the errors that might occur in each part of the watch and how to fix it.

Watch Band

The watchband might get dull over time, or break. Thankfully, it is the easiest part to replace. Watch repair companies like Sofly provides a wide variety of replacement bands, you can click here to visit them.

You will have to part with the watch for a brief time, but it will be worth it in the end. It is much less difficult to repair or replace a watchband, as it is not part of the mechanical work of the watch.

Physical Damage

If you cracked the glass of the watch, you should replace it with a new piece of glass or plastic. Some watches have a complicated structure, and changing a single part of the watch might be difficult.

So you might need to go to a professional. In case your watch did not cost that much, to begin with, it may be cheaper just to go ahead and buy a new one.

Internal damage

If your watch has stopped telling time and is stuck at the same minute, then maybe you have got an internal problem. This will necessitate going into the watch itself, and without a knowledge of watchmaking, this can get complicated. Here are some of the reasons for internal damage:

Dead Battery

The most common reason why most of the watches stop working is because of a dead battery. Not all fine watches use batteries, but some do, and these batteries last for at least two years. If your watch stops working, a watch service expert will first check the battery and if it is properly wired to the rest of the watch.

If it is a dead battery, the expert will be able to change the battery. We don’t advise you to try to attach a battery on your own.

This is because a layman can never know for sure if the watch stopped due to a battery issue or something else. Also, needlessly removing the battery can damage other functions of your watch.

Water Damage

One more reason why your watch may have stopped working is due to water or fluid exposure. If your watch is not water-proof, the inner parts might have been damaged. For that issue, you might need to replace the non-working parts.


Self-repair is recommended if you are dealing with a broken band, as bands are replaceable and, depending on the watch, can be easy to re-attach. For physical damage like cracks and dents, you will also need to find replacement parts, if possible.

Self-repair is not generally recommended, especially for expensive watches. If you open up your watch and struggle to take it apart, you might not be able to put it back together.

So it is better to take the watch to a professional watch repairman. Some companies also offer warranties so all you have to do is take the watch back and they will either repair or replace it.


In a busy lifestyle, a broken watch can be a nuisance.  If your watch is broken, it will not display the correct time and that can cause you to be late to important appointments. Repairing a broken watch is a challenge.

Of course, there is no cure-all “fix it” routine that applies to all the different styles and materials of which the watch is made. So, you must start by pinpointing where the problem is, is it internal or external? And then decide if you can fix it yourself or if it should be taken to a professional.

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