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How many times do you find yourself falling into bed at the end of a busy day and asking yourself where time has gone? Does it feel like your life is completely off-balance with work taking up the large majority of your time? Is free time something that is rare in your life these days? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then it’s likely time to take a pause and re-examine how you’re going about your daily life. 

Imagine if you could actually work less yet achieve more at the same time – sounds impossible, right? Well here’s the thing – it can be done, it just takes the right steps, tools, and mindset on your part. If you’re ready to start enjoying more free time, all while being more productive at work, here are the steps you can take.

work productivity

Embrace Scheduling

If you’re the type that doesn’t like to live by a schedule and are afraid it will just make you feel blocked in and limited, it’s time to look at schedules in a whole new light. For many people, scheduling offers them freedom, as it ensures that they can find a slot for all they want to accomplish. In fact, by creating a schedule that you stick to, you can work your way through tasks that much faster and not worry about forgetting things.

Scheduling is something that can be used in both your work and professional life, and can give you a clear snapshot of the day, week, month, and even year ahead. Once you’ve got a schedule in front of you, you can then block out those distractions that don’t fit in with the task at hand, such as social media! You can essentially stop wasting time and increase productivity to levels you have never enjoyed in the past.

Manage Your Energy

A big part of being productive is having the energy to get through the tasks you need to do. This is where experts recommend managing your energy. What this means is that you work in bursts. Your time can be divided between tasks that require your complete and full focus, and then those that don’t require that same amount of detail. 

If you’ve got a project on your desk that involves full concentration and focus, tackle it when you get that burst of energy and don’t put it off until later. You also don’t want to break it up into multiple days, as then it just snowballs and starts to affect all your other tasks.

Use the Right Kind of Tools

The tools and equipment you are using will also have a huge impact on your output levels. Let’s say for example you have a computer that is old, slow, and just doesn’t have the most up-to-date software. All of these factors will eat up time, which is the exact opposite of working less and achieving more.

Learn How to Say No

It’s also important to learn how and when to say no. There will be tasks, projects, and plans that come up that simply don’t help in terms of productivity and your output. It’s up to you to recognize when this happens and say no. This is something that can seem difficult at first, especially if you’re a ‘yes’ type of person. Over time it will get easier and easier, as you better learn how to prioritize.

Your Ultimate Productive Self

By following each of these tips, you’ll find that you reach your ultimate productive self and are able to work much less than you did before. So yes the dream is possible, with some effort on your part.

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