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Today, our gaming experience has definitely upgraded. Aside from the Internet, there are so many innovations and technologies that have made playing video games as enjoyable as possible. And of course, plenty of hard-core gamers have gaming rooms dedicated solely to this.

If you want to take your gaming room to the next level, check out these unique ideas.

1] Use a theme

Unleash the die-hard fan in you by creating a theme for your bedroom. If you’re into Star Wars, then this is the perfect opportunity to decorate the room with everything that you love.

This Stormtrooper gaming chair will definitely make you feel like you’re a captain of the Imperial fleet. It even features a Bluetooth audio system that will make playing games more immersive.

Lightsabers will also give your gaming room an out-of-this-world ambiance. You can achieve this by getting lightsaber lamps. Or, a much better option is to use Neon Flex LED lights in blue, red, and green around the room.

2] Display your video game collection

What better way to show off your massive video game collection than by creating a library? Use bookshelves to display your CDs, comic books, action figures, and other collectibles. You can frame the posters that you have and hang them on the walls for extra oomph.

Video game collection

For hard-core gamers, you can also display your collection of old consoles on the shelves. These will make great decor pieces as well as vintage collector’s items that new gamers will ogle at.

3] Keep your cables out of sight…

Having a gaming rig also means dealing with tangled wires and cables. Not only is this uncool, but it also poses a hazard because it can cause you to trip and injure yourself.

Keep your gaming room safe and tidy by hiding the cables by using a baseboard cord channel. It can be mounted on your baseboards, then the cables are inserted inside the opening.

Another cheap and easy method is to use a cable slinky. It can be used to wrap loose cords together so they don’t look messy. Plus, you can easily hide the bunch of cords behind the monitor or under your desk.

4] …Or make a neat cable management setup

Instead of hiding the cables, why not display them in a neat way? Check out this motherboard-inspired cable management setup that has been trending all over the Internet.

You can achieve this by running the cables on the wall and attaching them with concrete cable clips. Make this setup cooler by attaching your consoles on the walls too. Then, add some ambient lighting by installing neon lights behind them.

When using extension wires, choose a cord that can handle the wattage of your gaming consoles and PC. Additionally, three-pronged cords are safer because the third prong protects you from electric shock in case it grounds.

5] Create a rustic gaming stand

Many gaming rooms today look sleek and modern, but why not make yours look unique? Create a rustic gaming stand by using wooden pallets. Not only is it stylish but also affordable. You can literally pick up pallets anywhere-in supermarkets, warehouses, and hardware stores.

Create a rustic gaming stand

Before you start, make sure that the pallets that you will use are not chemically treated. Ideally, you should buy clean and unused pallets. But if you’re going to use recycled ones, clean them thoroughly with water and bleach. This will remove any dirt, chemicals, and rodent droppings that might have contaminated the pallets.

6] Less decor, more action

Some gamers want less visual clutter so they can focus on the game itself. If you’re like this, then a minimalist gaming room is perfect for you. This is characterized by a simple TV stand, a nice and comfortable couch or gaming chair, and a coffee table. There are very few decor pieces that adorn the room.

One way to keep a minimalist room from looking cluttered is to create storage spaces for your video game collection. Cabinets are great at keeping your things tucked away so your space won’t look messy.

7] Make the most out of small spaces

Attic rooms are often used as storage spaces in most houses, but this humble little room can be transformed into a cool gaming space. The low angle of the ceiling might pose a bit of a challenge when arranging your gaming setup. To keep it from looking to cluttered and compressed, use small and light-colored furniture instead of bulky ones.

Since your space is limited, using vertical electronics like tower speakers will help you save space. You can also mount some of your gadgets on the wall. Lastly, you can paint the walls with a light color so the room looks airy and open even if it’s small.


Having a separate space for playing is heaven for video game enthusiasts. It allows you to display your gaming setup and collection that you’ve worked hard for. Most importantly, it elevates your gaming experience and lets you play in comfort and style.

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