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Want to create the best ad through a slideshow, or you just want to make your memories more refreshing? We all like to create memories through pictures. Is there any better way to create memories than clicking pictures? Yes, there is, making videos out of those memorable pictures! Creating a slideshow seems like a difficult task to most people, and when the whole process is paid, it becomes frustrating.

Another option is going on the web and looking for a suitable online video maker. People are mostly confused about how to make a video with photos and music and text. In their head, it must be a knotty task. However, that’s not true.

The whole process might be complicated on some platforms and expensive on others. But, we got you a one-stop solution that will help you create the best video from your chosen pictures at a whistle-stop. The best part? It is free of cost!

InVideo is an online video maker platform that will give you all that you need. The features here speak for themselves, and that is why we call it a versatile and dynamic slideshow maker.

photo to video

Why Is Slideshow Important?

Many of you would wonder why is a slideshow important, and how can it leave an impact? However, in the world of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat marketing, we know the videos are important. You cannot market just on the basis of a poster or a banner. You need to know how to make a video for your brand and if not that then you should be aware of how to make a video with photos and music and text.

In the web media, 80% of the traffic will be directed towards the videos in the coming time. If that is the number of the potential market, it is obvious that you would want yours to be noticed.

InVideo online video maker will help you create slideshows for all your social media platforms. You can choose a template according to the platform you want to post it on. Your competition is millions of companies, and you want to outperform them on the digital platform. How are you planning to do it?

InVideo is user-friendly, and it will make your content worth watching.

The process

Here is the process on how to make a video with photos and music and text. Making a slideshow of pictures or making a video out of your best pictures is just a five-step process. Hence, it would take just five minutes to make a stunning video that would catch the attention of all.

Step 1

Start off by choosing the most suitable template and then move to the next step. After all, the base needs to be clear before you build a whole building on it.

Step 2

When you are putting up text in your video, make sure it is short and easy to read. There is no point in putting long lines in a video. If one has to pause the video just to read your paragraphs, then it defeats your purpose of combining pictures in a video. Small sentences also help in keeping the audience captivated.

Step 3

While you include pictures, you can choose other media items as well. The massive video library of the music element will help you make your videos way more interactive. This way, your audience will catch the vibe of the video in a better way.

Step 4

While you are adding some media to the video, also, try to add some transitions and animations to smoothen the whole bundle of pictures. The elements in the video should be in a flow, or your audience will break out of the video and switch to others.

Step 5

Adding some effects helps. It makes your video more professional. You need to take out some time to figure out crucial things. If you want to make a video that catches the attention of your audience, you have to learn how to make a video with photos and music and text.

The Access To The World Of Powerful Videos

While there are hundreds of options in the online world, InVideo is not like the usual. The key points make it different, and the access to the simple platform is simpler. This online video maker is unique in the sense that it helps you as a guide on how to make a video with photos and music and text.

Like the creation process, sign up steps are quick, and you will get in like a whirlwind.

Sign up with your ID and if you already are a member, then log in and browse through the various templates; Regal, Retro, Smokey Flavor, Minimalistic Fashion, to name a few. These eye-catching templates will make your video captivating. So, choose what suits you and your theme the most.

Once you have chosen the template, you are ready to be an editor as you will be directed to the advanced editor of InVideo slideshow maker. This online video maker will help you make presentations, ads, memorable videos and whatnot. Just settle your hands on the editor, and you are good to go. Mix and match the pictures and the videos you want to combine. Add smooth transitions to create a powerful impact and less breakage.

Another amazing aspect of this beautiful video editor is that you can apply animation and overlays with just a few clicks. Hence, you are just a few steps away from your final result. With a huge audio collection, InVideo allows you to choose copyright-free music tracks. Choose the one that syncs in with the vibe of your video and makes sense to you.

The Question Of The Hour: Is all of this free?

Yes, this online video maker/slideshow maker is free. You are given access to all the ultra-impressive features like automated voice over, animations, graphic elements, gorgeous templates, etc. for free. The stunning video will be ready in a matter of a few minutes. Hence, you don’t need professional coaching on how to make a video with photos and music and text because you are your own teacher on this online video maker.

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