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There are a number of things to bear in mind when packing your packages safely and neatly. Do you want to discover the best way to pack your parcels? We would like to give you some tips! All these products with which you can wrap your packages professionally can be provided with your own print. This not only makes your packages look super stylish, but also makes them instantly recognizable to the consumer.

professional packing

Custom made boxes 

As a first tip we would like to give you the advice to use a custom made box. This prevents your product from sliding back and forth and breaking down. For extra protection you can also fill spaces with soft material or use bubble wrap. When choosing the right packaging, check whether your product fits through the mailbox or not. This can save you a lot in shipping costs! With numerous choices of shipping boxes and envelopes you can have printed, there is always the right packaging for your products!

Tissue paper for a luxurious look

With tissue paper (translation: vloeipapier bedrukken) you easily present your products in an elegant way. In addition, the ultra-thin paper protects your products from scratches and other damage. Tissue paper is slightly transparent and gives a luxurious look to your package. Your logo or your own design is printed in a repeating pattern on the tissue paper. The paper can be printed in full color.

Tape with your own logo

Do you already have tape with your own logo? You can have various types of tape printed. For example, you can choose between eco-friendly eco tape or PVC tape. Besides sealing your boxes with it, printed tape also makes you instantly recognizable for the receiver. Tape with logo can be an inexpensive solution for the recognizability of your packages. If you want to save more costs, you can use recycled boxes and seal them with your logo tape.

Enclose a brochure as an addition!

To complement your packages you can print a brochure (translation: brochure drukken). You can use a brochure as a cover letter and more information about your product. It is also possible to use a brochure as a manual or advertising brochure. You can also enclose a brochure to convince your customers to make another purchase, for example by offering a discount code. 

Hopefully this way we have inspired you to pack packages professionally. We wish you good luck!

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