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Mobile phones have undergone a tremendous change ever since they were first invented. From the traditional walkie-talkie looking gadgets to the smartphones we have today, their functions have increased, and not just using it for making calls or texting. There are more advanced ways of communicating now, backed by other roles such as cameras, calendars, etc.

Smartphones with new updates are being manufactured year in – year out. Everyone wishes to have the experience of walking around with a gadget that has the latest technology in it.

But what happens to the phones which have been passed by time? Should they be thrown away? No. There are numerous ways one can repurpose their smartphones to become useful. Below are five smart ways one can re-use their outdated smartphones;

Repurpose an Old Smartphone

1. Keeping it as a backup phone

 It is no brainer that mobile phones get lost or are damaged frequently. Your current smartphone might get stolen, lost, or damaged, and you will be left with none to use. The straits are direr if you do not have a backup phone just in case anything happens to the phone currently in use. 

Apart from being a backup communications device, such a phone can also be used to back up one’s data. Moreover, it is the best option to use when going out for camping expeditions or beach outings, places where the fancy smartphone you are using at the moment might get damaged.

If the old and new mobile phones use the same operating system, it would be wise to link them both to one cloud backup. Should anything happen to the one in use, the old one can be used to access your cloud storage still, and you will not lose any crucial messages, apps, or contacts.

2. Sell it

 If the phone is still okay and not obsolete, you can sell it and get a few bucks from it. This is a much better move than throwing it away or leaving it to the dust in the drawers. There are many advanced ways to make this a possibility as you can now sell & trade in your phone onlinewithout much of a hassle.

 3. Use it as a baby monitor.

 The majority of smartphones, if not all, have cameras as a feature they have. If the camera is still in good condition, it can be used as a baby monitor, instead of spending too much money to purchase other equipment. All that one has to do is to point the camera side on where the baby sleeps, connect to particular apps, and the monitoring can be done easily. 

4. Have a GoPro experience

No baby to monitor? There lots of other ways your old phone’s camera can become useful – use it as a GoPro camera. Just get the right straps to fit it on your helmet or chest, and you will be good to go. Besides, it is still cheaper than a GoPro itself. Don’t even think about using your current fancy phone as a GoPro.

5. Give it away

 The cell phone you are thinking of throwing away will be much appreciated by someone else who still has a purpose for it. You can research on charity organizations or shelter homes near you which accept old mobile phones as donations. With that, you will have killed two birds with one stone – getting rid of the phone and helping someone in need.


 These are not the only ways to repurpose an old phone. You can still recycle it or use the camera to perform all the other sorts of things. Either way, sell & trade in your phone online to get back value for your money. 

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