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Laptops and desktop computers sometimes can break or simply stop working. This is because they are either damaged by viruses, malware or some harmful program or because they are not properly maintained. Same as other things in life, we must make sure we maintain our computers to prolong their lives. If we take good care of our computers, they will be able to deliver the best possible performance and help us do our things the way we want. Many issues can be avoided and problems would be eliminated by regular maintenance. You should make a habit to maintain your computer every couple of weeks to ensure smooth running. You have a few ways to do that, so here we will examine what those are. 

Maintain Your Computer

Software Maintenance

  • Regularly update your computer with the latest features of the manufacturer. Install necessary drivers, security features and add-ons that will protect your computer. Scan the computer once a week to make sure everything is up-to-date and that it functions optimally.
  • Examine the network system every week to check whether there is some kind of abnormality or problematic functioning. You can set reminders to get reports and back up all your important data to cloud storage. 
  • Update browsers and use a quality antivirus program in combination with anti-malware software. Also, make sure you use a firewall to protect your computer from malicious websites and programs. Online you can find all kinds of helpful software for maintenance so download one of those and use it regularly. Also, visit for information about phone technology and the latest systems you can use at home or in the office.
  • Clean your computer memory from time to time to ensure optimal functioning. Delete old files and programs that take much space and put pressure on the computer memory. The fewer memory programs take, the faster the performance of your computer will be.

Hardware Maintenance

  • Always use proper hardware for your computer. Sometimes your network may become slow if you use improper or outdated equipment. Keep your computer in a safe place, away from moisture and other things that can damage your hardware. 
  • Regularly clean the computer keyboard and the monitor. Dust the keyboards and keep the dust away from the monitor. Also, dust off the dirt from the cords and cables. A good idea is to use a compressed spray of air to quickly dust off keyboards and other computer parts. 
  • Free up disk space and archive files on email or another storage place. Disconnect cables and shut down the computer if you do not intend to use it for a few days. This will prolong the computer battery life and will ensure optimal performance next time you plug in the computer.

These were a few things to do if you want your computer to serve you for a long time. Take care of your computer and your computer will deliver the best work for you. 

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