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Travelling is something which most of us love to do. The reasons behind travelling may vary person to person but what doesn’t, especially for people who don’t have the luxury of spending their money on anything that they want. A lot of people are put off from taking vacations and travelling because of the extensive cost it would incur. But what they are oblivious to is the fact that if you plan your travelling and vacations with the help of some crucial travel hacks, you may end up saving more than half of what you had originally estimated your travel cost to be.

These travel hacks would not only encourage you to take time offs whenever you need to but also make your vacations actually stress free, as they are supposed to be, as opposed to you constantly worrying about finances even while you are supposed to be having the time of your life at a great place, say sunbathing on the beaches of Miami. 

So without further ado let’s explore some of the latest travel hacks that you can employ to ensure that your next vacation is manifold smoother financially than your last one. 

1. Book your flight tickets in the afternoon: 

Though it is common knowledge that flight tickets fluctuate day to day, the travel hack is to be aware of the fact that they even fluctuate in the course of a single day. The ticket cost is higher in the morning when business and corporate organizations book their tickets and in the night when common people usually book their tickets. So if you heed this travel hack while booking your ticket in the afternoon, you are guaranteed to save a considerable amount.

book flight

2. Become a house sitter:

This is something which almost nobody considers while planning for accommodation in a vacation. Being a house sitter does not only guarantee absolutely free accommodation, it is also a travel hack that allows to have a firsthand experience of how it is to live in the destination that you are visiting. 

3. Get a local sim card for an extended trip:

One common problem people face while on an extended vacation is the exorbitant phone bill that await them come the end of the month. Our travel hack for the problem is simple, get a local sim card. Any new sim card comes with a number of initial benefits, choose one which suits your needs perfectly. You do not need to think about the long term costs, as this travel hack needs to consider its viability for only the period of your stay. This travel hack, if applied a bit judiciously, will surely keep your phone from burning a hole in your wallet. 

4. Don’t change your currency at the airport:

It is understandable that you would have your hands full in the weeks leading up to your vacation, but make sure to make some time to swing by your bank and exchange currency there. This travel hack is not only a money saver but an intelligent one at that. Airports are notorious for the ridiculous exchange rates, and by avoiding them for the same, you can ensure that your budget isn’t cut short by a considerable amount even before the trip has begun. 

5. Consider lunchtime menus while planning an eat-in dinner:

A lot of restaurants and eateries serve you the same food during lunch and dinner at completely different rates. The primary reason is the heavy footfall at nights. But if you are willing to eat in at night time, you can very easily get it at a cheaper rate by using this travel hack. Order from the lunch menu and get it to your place of stay. Just warm it up as needed before having dinner. 

6. Look for alternate accommodations in place of hotels:

While hotels are certainly luxurious and offer a plethora of facilities, something that they cannot provide is a cheap stay. The travel hack for this situation is looking for alternate options like hostels and rented apartments. Not only are they a lot cheaper than hotels, they also give you a freedom which hotels just cannot guarantee. 

7. Cook your own meals:

There has been a lot of complaints in the travelling community regarding the cost of fooding in the destinations. Though it cannot be remedied if you are availing a hotel, there is one travel hack if you are living in a hostel or a rented apartment: cook your own meals. Go to the local market, use local products, google recipes and get yourself a delicious meal at a fraction of the market price. This travel hack is even more applicable if you are confident about your culinary skills. 

Cook your own meals

8. Find freebies:

Any big enough city or town you visit is bound to have something or the other going on for free to attract more tourists to the city. This the one of the most sensible and intelligent travel hacks of all time as it allows to explore the place or taste its cuisines or experience it wonders completely free of cost. Be it a farmers’ market exhibit or a guided tour through the city, if it is free, opt for it. After all you are there to explore the city and this travel hack gets you to do exactly that, only for free. 

9. Search and download free and reliable guides:

Before visiting a place, make sure to have downloaded and researched everything about the city and the best way to do is to download an exhaustive guide of the city which would point out the cheapest places to eat, or the best time to visit some place. Some travel hacks even let you know about dynamic pricings of certain aspects of the destination making this a travel hack which can’t be missed.

10. Book extra long layovers:

While travelling to a distant destination, depending on your choice of airlines, book an extended layover as a travel hack as in this time you can explore the city of layover at a fraction of the cost that you would actually incur while planning a vacation to that place. This travel hack not only allows for cheaper vacations, but enables you to have two vacations at a cost which is slightly more than one.

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