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Across the world, there are billions of sports enthusiasts who spend hours watching or playing their favourite sports. If you are one of these enthusiasts, the good news is that online technology can improve your overall experience of the sports that you love. 

You do not even have to leave home in order for this to happen. You can bring the excitement of an event to any device and enjoy the experience in comfort. Here are five ways that you can use online technology to help make this happen. 

Watch sports and place bets at the same time 

Betting on a game, match or race is often part of the fun. The introduction of in-play betting by top online sportsbooks makes this a lot easier to do, something that is covered there. You can place a bet while you are watching the action. Many sportsbooks also live stream events, so you can follow the action and bet, all in the one place. 

Embrace second screening 

Sports broadcasters, and sports leagues themselves, understand that people often use a smartphone or tablet while watching a game on a TV, desktop or laptop. This is why many sports leagues, like the NBA, encourage fan interaction, such as the use of tweets, during the action. This helps you to fully engage with the sport you are watching and gives you the opportunity to interact with other fans. 

Stream live content on demand 

Traditional sports TV broadcasters are fast being overtaken by top sports live stream providers like Hulu. Other digital streaming providers, like Netflix and Amazon, have also joined the sports streaming arena in recent times. Sporting leagues like La Liga in Spain also now run their own streaming services. All of this means that you have several options when it comes to watching live sports on any device. 

Get live scores in real time 

Before digital technology evolved, getting the sports results often meant watching for updates on the TV or listening for them on the radio. Now, the situation is very different. You can access live sports news using many different providers. For instance, Google can send live scores to fans straight to their Android smartphone. This means that you can keep a check on the progress of your favourite team wherever you are. 

Get involved with eSports 

The first video game competition took place as far back as 1972. However, it’s only very recently that eSports have really taken off. This is largely due to advancements in live streaming and the growth in popularity of streaming platforms like Twitch.  The expansion in the world of eSports is such that the overall global audience is thought to be around 495 million. This means that if you like to participate in competitive gaming, or enjoy watching tournaments, you have more opportunities than ever available to you. 

These are five of the best ways that you can use online technology to improve your experience as a sports fan. 

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