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Email marketing is a more effective strategy for a company to reach its consumer base than any other, as it has authenticity as well as creativity. Surveys find that more than 50 per cent of people with email accounts check their emails more than once a day. Plenty of corporations have separate email marketing campaigns for their different types of consumers. Your email marketing campaign may not be perfect, but by ticking all the right boxes, you might reap the best benefits. There are some tactics businesses can use to get the best results from their email marketing campaigns, and avoiding a few fundamental mistakes is advisable.

The following are some email marketing mistakes you need to stop making if you are not getting the best ROI (return on investment) through email marketing.

email Marketing Mistakes

Email Marketing Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Not Sending Welcome Emails To Your Subscribers 

Blink, and you lose your customers to your competitors. Not sending welcome emails is is like inviting people to your party but not serving them drinks. You should always create email marketing campaigns for the following occasions:

  • When someone new subscribes
  • Offering customers something to sign up for your services (this also helps you understand and gather data on your customers)
  • Introduce them to your brand and what you do

Sending Emails Without a Call-To-Action

A call-to-action or CTA is the objective behind every email you send. For example, if you are a clothing business, you can create an email marketing campaign announcing to your customers a sale, or a series of discounts. Emails with plain text are not attractive enough to take your consumers down the sales funnel. Incorporating a backlink or a subscription button helps you engage with your consumers base more.

While creating an email campaign, do the following:

  • Add a clear call-to-action in your email body
  • Make sure the placement of the CTA is attractive and prominent

Outreaching Every Subscriber with The Same Message

Sending identical emails to all your customers does not yield the best results. To meet the differential needs of your customers, identify and distinguish what their various needs are. Employing email marketing segmentation techniques is an effective way to ensure conversions. Segmenting customers also save you a significant amount of work as you know which campaigns need to be dedicated to which type of customer.   Here’s how to avoid sending an identical message to all your consumers:

  • Segment your customers in accordance with their characteristics. 
  • Create different campaigns for different types of users through analysis and personalization

Neglecting Mobile Phone Users

Prioritizing and optimizing around only desktop users is a big mistake today. 70 per cent of your users are likely to read your email on their mobile device. Gone are the days when a customer’s attention remains on one portion of the screen for beyond a minute. You are making a major mistake if you are not optimizing your emails for mobile phones, and it will bring down your conversion rate. 

  • Optimize your emails for mobile phone by making the text short and easily readable
  • Make the presentation bite-sized
  • Never send an email without cross-checking it
  • Treat your emails like a blog; make it catchy and conversational

Not Personalizing Your Emails

Your emails must connect to your consumer base in some way. All your customers will not be attracted to the same thing. Personalizing your emails will do wonders for your business. Here’s how:

  • Analyze your buyer persona and personalize emails – Buyer persona is a fictional representation of your potential customers. Collect your audience’s details like their age, job title, income, educational background, interests, etc.
  • Write personalized copies for your emails – Once you have a buyer persona, making personalized copies is an easy task.

Not Tracking Your Campaign Performance

Your marketing campaigns will fall flat on their faces if you do not track their performance. The following steps will help you optimize and build on your performance:

  • Use tools to track your campaign performance – There are email marketing tools that will show a complete report of your campaigns.
  • Ensure that customers are clicking a link within your email (otherwise, the process becomes futile).

Providing a Straightforward Subscribe/Unsubscribe Option

A common email marketing mistake is to think that the user wants to subscribe or unsubscribe from each of your services. If a user has subscribed to your emails, that doesn’t mean s/he wants to receive all the emails. Provide them subscriptions to various events/differentiated campaigns. Here’s how you can make the best of subscriptions:

  • Lay down incentives for your users. Incentivize them to sign up.
  • Allow users to subscribe/unsubscribe for different categories. Give them more options.

If your business or organization can make it a habit to eradicate this mistake, you will achieve much more through email marketing.

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