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Every business needs to get online, now more than ever. A website representing your business not only helps the customers to place orders but also helps them track the order status, order history, support, feedback, queries, deals/discounts, etc. You can provide live chat services and strengthen customer relationships.

A website helps your business grow both locally and globally. It also helps you compete with others better.

So, of course, you need a website but you also need (and I cannot stress it enough) a MOBILE FRIENDLY WEBSITE. You must already be aware that people spend more time on their mobile devices now. The mobile traffic has doubled in the last year. Especially now, when people are confined to their homes due to lockdown, pollution or other reasons. They prefer to get most of their stuff done via the smartphones. Mobile responsive websites quickly load on all screen sizes. Even Google ranks websites higher if they are mobile-friendly. You would want that, wouldn’t you?

Don’t worry, I am not trying to increase your website maintenance budget. There is an amazing alternative to hiring a website developer. You can create a mobile-friendly website on your own – No coding required. But how? I’m glad you asked.

Mobirise Web Builder Software

Mobirise is a free website builder that enables you to create a perfectly responsive mobile-friendly website without any coding. Its interface is so easy and sophisticated that anyone without even basic coding knowledge can create a website. In fact, it’s actually quite fun to design websites with Mobirise.

creating sample website

Mobirise HTML Page Builder provides a simple drag and drop interface. You can just drag the elements you like and drop them at the required locations. A lot of flexibility is provided in terms of design and customizations. You can change the background, text, fonts, colors, forms, add links, blocks, etc.

How to use Mobirise Offline Website Builder

Like I have said multiple times by now, you don’t need to code to create a website using Mobirise. There are however very simple and easy steps –

Step 1 – Download & Install Mobirise Offline Website Builder Software. You can also pay for the premium version if you need advanced features.

Step 2 – Now, you will see a sample page. You can either edit that sample page or create a new one.

create a new page

Select the elements that you want on your homepage from the right sidebar. You can click on Images & videos to add an image to the homepage.

add media

Similarly, you can custom create the webpage the way you want. The website builder lets you add forms, features, pricing tables, countdowns, locations, sliders, galleries, and a lot more.

contact forms and pricing

For adding every element, there are so many samples and templates. You can choose how to display testimonials or contact details. Select templates and drop them to the homepage. Once there you can just click on the fields to edit them.

add testimonials

You can add tables, links to your social media channels and footer. Everything is so easy to perform here.

Step 3 – Preview the website and check everything. Change the order of a few elements if required. Once you are convinced with your creation publish it.

Please check the below video to see how smooth it is.

How to Create a Website with Mobirise

Key Features

Mobirise is packed with countless features that give a user a lot of options and choices. I have highlighted the noteworthy features below –

  • Over 2500 website blocks
  • 200+ homepage templates
  • Image sliders
  • Gallery options
  • Social media integration & Google Maps
  • Image & videos
  • Progress bar & cycles
  • Call-to-action
  • Data tables & pricing tables
  • Testimonials & reviews
  • Counters, countdowns, timelines
  • Flexible customization options


Mobirise not only helps you save a lot of money but also helps you in creating a website of your dreams. You are the designer of your website and you can drag and drop elements exactly where you want. There are plenty of beautiful templates to suit individual requirements. The software helps you customize anything or everything about your website. You can also integrate social media buttons and Google maps for a better presence. The service is perfect for non-techies who do not have any coding knowledge and the end results are professional grade. As we just saw, the interface is pretty neat and easy-to-use. This Offline Website Builder Software is free for commercial and non-profit use.

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