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Across the globe, professional and personal web users rely on email for their everyday communication. Though it is one of the oldest tools that Internet blessed us with, it does not reveal any signs of getting outdated in the near future. Email marketing is considered the best marketing tactic in B2B marketing, for it possesses the highest ROI, in comparison to other digital channels. It is believed to generate $40 for every dollar spent, and hence it is no surprise why email marketing still reigns supreme.

However, the only way that mass email marketing campaigns can be rewarding is when your mass email audience is converted into customers. Here are the top 5 ways to help improve email marketing conversion rates: 

1. Go Personal

When you’re sending out mass emails, you would have to know that no one enjoys going through a long email, that has boring corporate information. Even if they end up opening your email, they won’t get to the end of it. And, that does not help your conversion rates. Encourage replies, try to start a discussion, rather than just sending out an informative mail. Skip the email templates or promotional imagery. Or, do so in a manner that’s personalized. Email is designed for interpersonal communication, so don’t type a brochure! 

Email Marketing

2. Rely on automated drip campaigns

It is important to remain in sight of your target audience, because as the old adage goes, something is bound to go out of mind, once it is out of your sight. So, for every user that takes any action on your site, have drip campaigns set. Drip campaigns in mass emails, allows you to send your user base a set of emails that have preset at particular intervals. Many of these drip campaigns make users come back to make a purchase, and though these are automated, these aren’t boring. After their first interaction on your site, a follow up via drip campaigns increases your chances of getting that user 90 percent more.

Top-of-mind drips are the most popular ones that keep leads engaged throughout the process of sale, re-engagement drips win back their interest when you think they are getting disengaged, and training drips are informative, in the way, they allow users to navigate through processes. There are multiple other drips available that you can take into account, and work your way through. 

3. Switch to a strong call to action

All mass emails, aimed at promoting your company or service, should end with a strong call to action, or it is technically futile and serves no purpose. But, the call to action has to be a powerful one. Give your users clear directions on calling you, try your next product, and subscribing to your newsletter! Telling them what to do is more beneficial than keeping it subtle and leaving it to their discretion. Creating a button or a creative image that provides them with a clear path on the action you would like them to take is also essential to your process.

This increases the rate of conversion and does not make your email marketing redundant. Plenty of best email marketers end with a P.S and that works in a magical manner. 

4. Are your emails mobile friendly?

Most emails are opened on a mobile device, and everyone has phones with them, all the time. People are more likely to go through mass emails when they are on the subway, or waiting outside a café, with a phone in their hands. So, it is essential to ensure all your mass emails are mobile-friendly. A lot of companies still send out emails that aren’t mobile device compatible, at all.

There are numerous good email marketing companies but go for the best email marketing client that increases your conversion rates by having innovative features like making it device compatible and screen compatible. If your email provider is not utilizing these hacks to get the best results, you know which kid in the town does offer these services. You’ll know when it’s time to switch! 

5. Tell a tale

Tales are the most powerful marketing campaign to have ever existed since times unknown. From oral traditions to books and novels to tiny tales, at present, the world is governed by stories, big and small. Well-written narratives find a way to connect with readers, and you can say a lot when you’re not saying much, through a good story. Personal stories draw readers in, and it is no different with the mass emails, you send out.

Have a strong call to action at the end of the story, so that, by the time you’re at the end of the story, you’ve caught their attention and driven them to take an action on your page. Engagement with your audience is one of the most crucial ways that can help you skyrocket your conversion rate! 

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