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Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives as it contains our memories, files, documents and also private information. As comfortable as it makes us in keeping all our data on our fingertips there is also a constant risk of data breach or damage. So, it becomes essential to protect our data and phone from unauthorized people, viruses and bugs. Due to a large number of apps and games the mobile phones start lagging quite often.

We need several apps for different requirements. There are so many apps we can find on the Play Store but finding the one that suits our needs is quite a difficult task. The real trouble is finding the right app that fits our requirements. Even better, wouldn’t it be great if one app could serve multiple purposes?

Well, while looking for some useful, space-saving and efficient apps for Android smartphones I came across Nox, a company dedicated to developing secure apps to protect, clean and secure Android smartphones. I have handpicked three of the apps that can replace multiple apps on your phone and boost its performance.

I. NoxSecurity

As the name suggests, NoxSecurity is the app provided by Nox to offer protection to your mobile against virus and malware attacks. It is kind of an all-in-one tool for the protection and security of your mobile. NoxSecurity is professional, safe and free to use. It acts as a free virus cleaner, wifi security, message security, notification blocker, app locker, call blocker, file encryption, etc.

Nox Security app has also been certified by Avtest. The free virus cleaner helps you to protect your mobile against malware including spyware, rootkits, virus, hackers and online fraud and more. You can also block annoying notifications, get rid of junk notification from jamming and slowing down your phone.


Message security is another helpful feature provided by Nox Security. Other features of Nox Security include max memory booster, blocking unwanted calls, Network Detection & Security Check, stop power-draining apps with battery saver and more.

II. Nox Cleaner

Another wonderful app offered by Nox is NoxCleaner. You need to clean up your phone regularly in order to keep is free of junk files, System cache, application residue, etc. Nox Cleaner is a powerful phone cleaning tool that helps you to deep clean your phone. The deep cleaning of the phone by Nox cleaner includes cleaning of system cache, application residue, application installation package, advertising garbage, memory release and so on.

The picture segmentation feature of Nox Cleaner filters similar pictures and blurring pictures smartly and clean up bad pictures, also the larger-memory picture compression function.

You can also boost your phone’s memory with just one-click using Nox Cleaner and make your phone lighter and faster and this also frees up memory.

Nox Cleaner can also cool down your CPU with its CPU cooler feature. It automatically detects those apps that drain your battery and then closes them to reduce the CPU usage. This lowers down the phone’s temperature that helps you while watching videos or playing games.

Nox Cleaner also provides you the lag-free gaming experience. You can now play all your favorite games like PubG, Free Fire, etc. faster and smoother with the help of NoxCleaner’s game booster shortcut.

III. NoxAppLock

Want to lock your social media or other private apps? Don’t want other people to get access to the apps on your phone? Then NoxAppLock will help you to do the same. This an amazing app lock tool that not only helps you lock the apps but you can even lock your photos, videos, etc. So, if you have some private photos that you want to lock or hide then NoxAppLock can do that for you easily. You can lock the app with a fingerprint lock, pattern lock or a PIN lock. The invisible pattern lock provides even more protection and security.

You can even encrypt your gallery and hide sensitive photos by using the private gallery vault feature of NoxAppLock. You would have to go to the app and then you can access all your locked photos and videos easily.

Nox applock

The Safe Browsing feature of NoxAppLock offers you to protect your browsing history by erasing everything you surfed on your browser the moment your exit it. It also examines the websites and warns you about the unsafe ones.

Not only to lock the apps, photos, and videos but you can also clean junk files with Junk cleaner feature of NoxAppLock. It scans and cleans up the junk, cache and residual files. With just one tap you can clean all the junk files and free up space on your mobile.

Final Words

Nox not only provides these tools but also has another useful app named Nox WaterTime that helps you maintain your daily water intake. The company is also working on many health related apps that will roll out in the near future. All these tools of Nox are great and the best thing is that you can get all these tools free of cost.

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