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Software products often start with a vision. It is what brings a team of product and project managers together. As they start fleshing out the details of the project, they are faced with a crucial challenge – that is of hiring the software developers.

This team of developers is at the heart of the project. They are the ones who work tirelessly to bring the idea to life. However, recruiting them and forming a desirable team is not as easy as it sounds.

The current scenario, where the demand surpasses the supply, doesn’t bode well for the hiring team. The recruiters and the hiring managers need to act swiftly and make fast decisions to get their project going. Once they are on board, the next challenge is to manage this team of developers.

Here is how you can hire and manage software developers for your project.

1. Write a detailed but specific job description.

The job of a software developer is to write computer programs for a specific task. For the sake of simplicity, you can categorize them into two buckets – systems and applications software developers.

The former kind creates networks or systems to power other programs. Applications software developers work to create apps and similar programs. Once you are sure of your requirements, you will have more clarity about the developers you want to work with.

software developer

A job description(JD) is your first touchpoint as you reach out to this audience of software developers. As you create the JD, make sure that you make it as comprehensive as possible. Clearly articulate the requirements and skills so that the right people can apply for the position.

Moreover, the developers will understand the requirements and apply if they think they are suitable for the job. It will save you from the troubles of the job-skill mismatch later.

2. Be creative about locating talented candidates.

If you are looking for the best talent, don’t go to the job boards. There are good chances that the best ones are not looking for jobs. Instead, they could be in stable careers and enjoying their work.

To attract the best talent, make sure that you reach out to them in creative ways. One of the best ways is to have an appealing social media strategy. You can achieve it by staying relevant and doling out frequent doses of humor.

As you will build a following in the community, it will become easier to attract the cream by publishing jobs online.

You can even look for the best developers on freelancing websites if you are keen to hire a freelancer.  In fact, you can even have a look at the reviews of their previous clients to ensure that you are working with the best developers.

For instance, Toptal is one of the best sites to look for IT professionals. In fact, Toptal reviews can help empower you with enough information to make the right decisions.

3. Consider a paid assignment.

While hiring anyone, you cannot afford to go misjudge their abilities. Moreso, when the role is of a developer. A wrong hiring decision can land you in an undesirable situation and even cost you financially.

Interviews can help you in understanding the behavior, personality, and soft skills of the candidates. However, you will need something more to assess their technical skills.

paid assignment

You can think of a paid assignment to understand what they can bring to the table. It will help you to decide if you are confused between two or three candidates. Moreover, it will give you an insight into their working method.

Lastly, it will also tell you if they are serious about the job. The payment will be a small investment that will go a long way in ensuring your project’s success.

4. Consider outsourcing companies

Connecting with offshore companies that offer outsourcing services is one of the most reliable ways to work with the best team of developers. These companies have several years of experience with regards to software development. Moreover, working with them will allow you to focus on the more strategic aspects of the job while they will hire the right team for you.

Another advantage is that such offshore companies have people who would have worked on several projects in the past. As they will come on board, they will add more value to your plans owing to their rich experience.

ValueCoders is one such offshore company based in India. As you search for ValueCoders review on google, you will be surprised to read the amount of good work they have done.

5. Look for constant development.

Technology is a field that is constantly evolving. To get an idea, you can compare the smartphones that existed a decade back with what they are today. Thus, change is the only constant in the lives of software developers.

As you are in the final stages of making your decision, look for this hunger for improvement in the developers. If you see a learning curve, you can rest assured that you are making the right hiring decision.

6. Invest in project management software

The ongoing pandemic is set to change the future of work. As more and more people will prefer working from home, you will need a better way to connect your team and bring them on the same page. You can consider investing in a tool that allows you to enhance your efficiencies despite the distance.

Select a tool that allows free communication and sharing of resources within the team. At the same time, ensure that it allows real-time information exchange and team discussions. This will help you follow the timelines and track the progress.

7. Be transparent and set the expectations early on.

When working with a team of remote developers or freelancers, you may feel anxious about meeting your deadlines. More so if you are working with them for the first time.

It is best to state your expectations before the project starts. Giving a heads up will allow the developers to state their limitations. You can then workaround or not go ahead as the situation demands.

To start with, share your project deadlines and the time commitment that you will need. You can even share the number of hours that you will need them to work every week. Discussing other details like meeting schedules or expected response rate will give you more control over the project.

8. Ensure security

A legitimate cause of concern while working with freelancers is the confidentiality of your project. It is advisable to consider a non-disclosure agreement to protect your product. Moreover, always work with authenticated systems to avoid any security breaches.

To Conclude,

Hiring software developers is perhaps the most crucial part of your software development. The strength of a team is dependent on the people that work together to reach a common goal. Make sure you choose the right people so you can all enjoy the fruits of each other’s competence.

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