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f you are planning to launch a new website and looking for an all-in-one solution to manage your website, then sPanel is the right platform for you. SPanel can be considered as an advanced version of the existing cPanel for the hosting. The platform includes everything that you might need to grow your business on the web platform. The sPanel Review will give you more information about this all-in-one hosting solution.

What is sPanel? 

SPanel is nothing but the next generation control panel for the website owners. The platform offers managed cloud VPS that lets you easily take full control of your website’s data. SPanel is loaded with several extra-ordinary features that make it the best solution for web developers to launch their websites.

Unlike the standard cPanel, sPanel includes a variety of extra-ordinary tools. All the tools and features are easily accessible within the dashboard. SPanel Control Panel comes included with Scala Hosting and it is developed by the same team.

Scala Hosting is a trusted name in the industry with several attractive hosting plans and managed VPS. When you get a cloud server from Scala, you will get sPanel to control the data. In the coming months, sPanel will be included with most hosting providers.

What’s new in sPanel?

SPanel is completely different from cPanel when it comes to managing the data and cloud server of the website. SPanel serves an intuitive interface with a set of extra tools. Let’s see what makes sPanel an all-in-one web solution for website owners.

100% Security 

SPanel protects your website’s data through SShield Protection. The SShield Protection provides full security to your data with real-time blocking. It blocks down all the Internet threats in real-time so that your website’s data will be fully secured.

Automatic Backup

The sPanel also includes an improved backup tool to take regular backup of your website’s data. You don’t need to pay extra money to take the backup. The backup tool is there for free to use which you can customize as per your needs.

Free Encryption

The websites you host on sPanel will be fully secured as each website will be given a free SSL Certificate. You don’t need to purchase an SSL Certificate from the third-parties.

SWordPress Manager 

SWordPress Manager is the most advanced manager for managing wordpress websites. WordPress is the most popular platform for launching new websites. Spanel has got a dedicated WordPress Manager for the quick installation of WordPress with just one click.

The same manager comes with an automatic update option to keep your websites updated with the new WordPress updates. It also features a lock feature to keep your website’s access secured from unauthorized users. You can also reset Admin Password from SWordPress Manager for your websites.

Compatible with NGINIX 

NGINIX is the fastest free server for websites. It helps your websites run much faster than the standard speed by utilizing the data. You can run NGINIX as an apache proxy server to speed up the website.

Powerful API 

SPanel has its API that can be integrated with any other platform you want. The API is compatible with multiple platforms and it lets you integrate sPanel with them easily.

Cross Platform Compatibility 

Due to its powerful API, sPanel can be easily integrated with any platform you want. For that reason, it is compatible with all the platforms on which you can open up your website. SPanel is compatible with Smartphones, Tablets, Computer Systems, etc.

Explain sPanel User-Interface

If we talk about the user-interface, sPanel serves kind of the same user-interface as cPanel with many extra tools and features with special categories. Upon launching the sPanel, you will be presented with a simple front-page with a list of different categories.

You can search for anything using the Search Bar given at the top side of the page. The right panel let’s explore the data of your websites including the useful information associated with them.

The left side or the main Window allows you to use the advanced tools. You can explore various categories such as Email, Databases, Settings, Domains, Files, Tools, etc.

Depending on your basic requirements, you can select a suitable tool or feature from the main page of the sPanel. The dedicated WordPress Manager is there to launch a new website with one click.

It’s a great option for WordPress users who can quickly launch and manage WordPress websites. You can monitor the server and can take full control of all the websites hosted on the server. The platform offers seamless interface for WordPress users where no extra coding required.


SPanel is the next generation control panel for website owners. SPanel is impressive and more reliable than the standard cPanel. SPanel comes included with Scala Hosting’s plan.

It is not yet available as an independent platform with different hosting providers. The pricing of Scala Hosting is quite affordable and they offer super faster and highly secured servers to host your websites. Give it a try and let us know how do you feel!

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