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Before the internet becomes the mainstream communication network for everyone, we were using text messages and voice calls for our communication needs. At those times, text messages were a really comfortable functionality which connected millions of people globally. However, the texting methods have evolved and people are less using text messages now. Still, there are more tips and tricks in text messages for you. This article includes the seven texting tips that you should know. 

You need to understand why text messaging is still important in our lives. As mentioned above, the texting methods have evolved and now includes several useful features for us to explore. Text messaging is your basic communication method if you are in a very low network area. You can’t access the internet or make a call with a very poor network signal. At that time, the text message will become your best friend. It does not require great signal coverage or network speeds. 

Texting Tips in Your Phone to Improve Your Experience

As I said, the text message has its own advantages or significance in certain situations in our life. Also, a large group of mobile users still prefer to communicate through text messages. However, there are much more in text messages than you know. You can now send and receive SMS from your computer as well. Sending and receiving normal messages are the very basic functionality of an SMS service. Here are the selected 7 texting tips on your phone to improve your overall messaging experience.   

Texting Tips in Your Phone

1) Automatically delete all messages in the inbox

Usually, you receive a hell load of messages from advertisers, network service providers, and other companies. Most of us are tired of the thousands of unread messages in the inbox and other spam messages. These types of text messages and picture messages will affect your storage space. All you can do is, just deleting them. However, deleting each message individually will take up a lot of time and become an irritating activity. 

Don’t worry, we got you covered. You can easily delete all your messages in the inbox automatically. You can use this method on both Android and iOS devices as it comes as a necessary feature on all operating systems. Open the default messaging app in your smartphone device and tap on the three-dot menu located at the top corners inside your app. You can access the message settings in that menu. In the settings, you will find the delete option. Open it and use the options provided for deleting all messages at once. 

2) Organize your inbox with Microsoft SMS Organizer app

As I said above, the flooded inbox will cause so many issues such as missing important messages. It is very irritating to see all the messages received in your SIM card as one list. However, that’s a pretty old-school method. Technology has improved, and now you can organize your messages easily. The tech giant Microsoft has launched a messaging application for Android devices as part of their Microsoft Garage project. 

SMS Organizer is a great app for increasing your productivity easily. You can download the app officially from Google Play store. This app has several advanced features for all your messaging needs. Specifically, it has a great sorting method with several categories including personal, transactions, promotions, and starred. All your received messages will get organized automatically by this awesome app. 

3) View highlighted OTPs directly from the notification

Another interesting texting tip is viewing highlighted OTPs directly in the notification panel. You must be following the basic method to view OTPs received from your bank or other applications. The basic method is opening the received message and typing that OTP without error. Why are you still following that method when you are using advanced software. 

Mostly, your default SMS managing application won’t have this feature. You can use the advanced apps like Microsoft SMS Manager and SmartSMS. These applications show you the received OTP in the notification panel instead of the entire message from that particular service. So that you can easily type it in the field without worrying about remembering the code. Also, you can directly copy the code from the notification panel. 

4) View all the photos and videos in a message thread 

Needless to say, our messages will include threads which include photos and videos. What if you want to view old photos and videos easily instantly? Don’t worry, the latest version of the default messaging app for iOS devices contains an option for this too. You can easily view and access photos and videos in a particular thread, which avoids the endless scrolling activity. 

To do this, open the messaging app and tap on the specific thread. Tap on the Details button located at the top corner of the screen. Now scroll down to find an option named Attachments. There you can view all the pictures and videos you received in that particular thread. You can also bulk delete these media files instantly with one tap. 

5) Schedule a message to automatically send later 

Not every one of us is having a great memory. We don’t usually remember all the birth dates and important dates associated with our friends, family, and relatives. In those situations, you often forget to wish them on that particular day and regret later. What if you can schedule a message to your contact for automatically sending them later. You can easily schedule a message to your contact on a specific date. Luckily, this feature is available on all smartphone models and all message management applications.

Open the messaging app and tap on composing new message option. In the composing window, you will find an option for selecting a specific date for scheduling the message. Usually, it will be a clock icon or a calendar icon the composing menu. Tap on it and pick up the special day of your loved one and then type the wishing message. After typing the wishes, you can tap on the send button and it will be scheduled automatically. 

6) Star a message for later access 

Usually, you receive a lot of important messages in your smartphone, which includes bank account statement, work updates, etc. You may want to bookmark that specific message to access later. In that case, you can use the message starring feature in your phone. This option is available in all platforms and all messaging applications. 

Open your desired messaging application and open the message thread. Find the message that you want to bookmark. Now tap and hold on that particular message, then you will find several options for that message. There you can find an option to star that message to access it later. Tap on it, you’re done.

7) Add a signature to your messages 

All of you are familiar with the signatures on emails. What if you can add signature in your messages as well? You can easily add a preset signature for all messages. This feature is also available in all messaging applications and operating systems. 

Open your desired message app and go to its settings. In the settings, you will find an option like advanced settings or message formatting. Tap on it and you will find the Signature option. Here you can add the custom signature in that field to automatically insert in all messages.

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