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A security camera is the core component of any security system. It is an integral part of any surveillance program by which one can keep an eye on their property all the time. Being so high value, it is essential to choose a high quality, latest technology equipped durable camera that can provide a good image of your surroundings with a wide-angle. GetSCW provides several options for security cameras to ensure the safety of your perimeter. This article encloses all the must knowing points that can assist you in finding a camera that will prove to be an excellent choice among the average ones and serve your purpose right. 


 Ask yourself- What is your purpose?

  1. It is very important to realize what is the purpose of applying a security monitoring system. What are your expectations are how are you going to accomplish them? The security needs vary depending upon whether you want it for domestic purposes or business purposes. You can also choose between a wired and wireless security camera.
  2. Talking to an expert provides insight into the number of security cameras you need to install to ensure the complete security of your property. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the vulnerable area.
  3. Go through a reliable brand for buying a security gear. You must not compromise the security of your precious family or business depending upon the unreliable source. Research for the best equipment. Check the security personal assigned for central surveillance. They must be trustworthy enough to keep a sharp eye for the robbers and contact the law enforcers when the need arises.
  4. Plan a budget for your security system keeping the basic requirements in mind. You can upgrade your security system later, but don’t delay the purchase if it satisfies your requirements.
  5. Make sure to go through the specification of your camera. A variety of cameras offers the night vision, motion sensor, auto-recording, angle rotation and HD quality. Choose the options that work best in your favor.
  6. Use a security alarm to assist your camera, after all, we would rather be alert than watching a video of the robbed property. Look for the sensitive alarm which gets triggered by a minor suspicious interference.
  7. Make sure that the monitoring system you are buying is connected to the video that can be seen on your smartphone. Sometimes the camera provides connectivity to limited devices. Check the specifications before you invest. 
  8. At times you can access and change your security setting by entering the correct password even from the remote location. 

Different type of security cameras are: – 

  1. Box Camera: Mainly used in outdoor/indoor settings. It is a stand-alone camera. It encompasses many lens options, including a varifocal and fixed lens.
  2. Dome Camera: The package contains a kit of ceiling mount, lens, and camera in discreet a packaged deal. It is used in an area that gets dirty easily like kitchen and warehouses. 
  3. PTZ Camera: Going by the name this allows the user to pan, tilt, and zoom in the camera using a remote. It focuses on the subject and initiates the wide tracking of movement. It also helps to zoom-in till details.
  4. Bullet Camera: This camera is designed in a bullet style body. It is sealed therefore needs less servicing. It is recommended for low light situations and includes IR illuminator.
  5. IP Camera: A digital signal in this technology transmitted using the internet over a network. It provides high megapixels resolution as well.
  6. Day/Night Camera: This camera is especially built-in for both the day and night, low light solution.
  7. Thermal Camera: This camera uses the heat to identify between objects and people. It can be used to identify people in a fog, smoke, and complete darkness as well.
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