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Technologies aim to simplify our lives: we use apps to control the temperature inside, to monitor toddler’s health, or even to send an SOS signal to connected devices. All these tools can change our daily routine and to improve its quality.

Smartwatch is one of these gadgets. It has been on the market since 2004 but only in recent years has gained the unconditional love of users due to the affordability, simplicity of use, and convenience. Today we’ll tell you about ten features of this device, which will definitely be of great help.


Locate your phone

Do you remember that scary feeling when you can’t find your phone and it’s already time to go? When the clock is ticking or you are waiting for an important business call? With a smartwatch, there’s no need to spend hours searching for a phone that is kept on silent.

With a simple Find Phone option, you’ll know where your precious device is.

Track your activity

Many users choose smartwatches for their fitness options: you can monitor your sleep, footsteps, and heart rate. These functions are of great help when you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to achieve activity goals. Inside the app, you can track daily, weekly, and monthly progress, and compare various indicators.

Play Casino Games

Some users don’t know that all modern online casinos can run not only on smartphones and tablets but also on smartwatches. Yes, the number of options is limited but you can still make a few bets, join tournaments, and fund your account not to miss bonuses and promotions.

All that is needed is to pick an online casino, which hosts brands known for their high payout rateslog in to the account, and start using your smartwatch like a pro!


All modern smartwatches come with a built-in GPS, which helps to navigate through unknown places without any efforts. They also come with a compass, so you’ll never get lost on the way!

And the best part about the navigation feature is that you don’t need to look at the screen every second: after choosing a direction, the smartwatch vibrates in various modes to indicate if you need to turn right, left, or continue going straight.

Remote camera

If you remember how difficult and inconvenient it is to make a group selfie, you’ll definitely like this option. Just head to Android Wear and download the official Google Camera application (or any other similar app). Voila, you’ll be able to take photos on a tripod or any other surface remotely. This feature is a great choice for a group or sneaky photos.

Listen to music

Many smartwatches allow listening to music without a need to hold your phone and take it wherever you go. For example, Apple Watch 3 allows its owners to connect to wireless networks and to stream music without any side devices.

Home controls

Nowadays, developers are doing everything to simplify our lives. And using smartwatches to control home is a dream coming true! Using the built-in Home application, Apple Watch owners can regulate thermostats, reduce lights, and do a bunch of other cool things.

Acts as a remote

If there is an infrared sensor in your smartwatch, your life will no longer be the same – you can use it as a remote to control any appliances and gadgets! Say no to losing the remote and wasting hours trying to find it.

Records audios

If you ever dreamed of becoming James Bond and spying on others, this smartwatch feature will definitely be of great use. Android Wear and its Apple analogues can record conversations due to an inbuilt microphone. The app comes with noise and echo filtering and suppression for better quality, and works even with the screen turned off.

Remain updated

All notifications will pop-up on the screen of your smartwatch, so you won’t miss an important email, a message from your parents, or a party invitation. Simply choose the apps you want to connect to the watch, and continue swimming and jogging without missing anything out.

More to discover

Even though smartwatches are small and light, they are stuffed with a variety of features making the gadget irreplaceable for those, who want to improve the quality of their lives. And for tech geeks, of course!

Luckily, they come in a huge variety: from cheap to expensive ones, from round to square screens, and in tens of colours. It’s only up to you to decide.

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