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Perhaps you have found yourself at a crossroads when it comes to choosing your future career. Deciding what you’d like to do for the next few decades is never an easy process if you don’t have a firm idea in mind. If you want a career that offers you a wide range of opportunities to specialize in various disciplines and provides you with an exciting, interesting experience, there are many different reasons to consider a career in engineering. 

Not only does working in engineering provide professionals with fantastic career opportunities and great salaries, it’s also both a fun and rewarding profession that offers you the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects, do something new every day, and develop your ability to innovate and think creatively. And, when it comes to climbing the career ladder, there are certainly many supervisory and managerial roles to work towards if you would rather work with people than focus on the technical side of things. 


Getting a degree in engineering and furthering your engineering career with an advanced degree has never been easier than it is today. There are several fantastic engineering degree programs designed to be accessible to any kind of student whether you want to continue working full-time while studying to facilitate a career change, are a busy parent who needs to fit studying engineering around your family life or want to relocate to a college campus and enjoy the full student experience. Along with that, there are several great reasons to opt for a degree in engineering, which include:

Lucrative Salaries

Along with working in an interesting, highly creative career path that is in demand everywhere they go, engineers also benefit from some excellent rates of pay. In fact, engineering is one of the most highly-paid fields across the world second only to other highly-respected career fields like medicine. Engineers can expect to earn a decent wage anywhere that they are needed. Salaries for engineers tend to be consistent around the world and some engineering disciplines are paid more handsomely than others. 

For those who are just entering the industry, the rates of entry-level pay to engineering are typically much higher than entry-level salaries in other industries, so you can expect to be paid more than most of your non-engineering peers right from the start. And, those who are committed to facilitating a lucrative engineering career have a wide range of options to choose from for career progression, which allows you to earn even more as you climb the corporate ladder or move into more senior engineering positions. 

Enjoy High Demand

Since engineers work in so many different disciplines, most of which are always needed all around the world, a career as an engineer means that there’s no need to worry about being out of a job for long – especially once you have some experience as an engineer. Whether you are working for a company that closes down or simply want a change of direction, you can be assured that job searching will be easy with plenty of opportunities and a lot of demand for your skills and experience wherever you go. And, engineering graduates often spend less time compared to other graduates looking for their first entry-level position straight out of college. 

Enjoy Creative and Innovative Work

Most people might not think that STEM is as creative of a subject as others, but this isn’t the case for engineering. Whether you’re studying to become an engineer or working in the engineering profession, you can be assured that your creative and innovative ideas will be welcomed. Engineers spend their careers working on a wide variety of projects and finding solutions to a range of problems faced by society. Studying for an engineering degree provides you with a range of skills to improve your ability to come up with creative solutions such as critical thinking skills. 

Hundreds of Different Disciplines to Choose From

There are hundreds of different disciplines to choose from when it comes to engineering, meaning that when it comes to choosing your degree, you really can refine your options based on what you are interested in, while still studying the same basic principles. Those who are interested in architecture and buildings might prefer civil engineering while techies might like IT or software engineering. If you are interested in science, chemical engineering might be a good choice for you, while engineering management is an ideal option for those who are interested in business and managing people. 

Any engineer can move up the ranks into business management with several advanced degree options available after graduating from your bachelor’s program in engineering. You can opt for a specialized masters of science in engineering management or delve further into the business side of things with an MBA. Click here to learn more about the differences between the two. 

Travel Opportunities

Engineering is not only a highly respected profession in the USA, but also around the globe. With an engineering degree, you are certainly not going to be limited to working in your home town or even your home state. You will be able to find work as an engineer wherever you go whether you want to move to the other end of the country or even relocate to a different country altogether. And there are many engineering careers that allow you to travel extensively, such as engineering careers in the military, which come with even more benefits, or getting involved with a global engineering company that works with clients located around the world. 

Make a Difference to the World

Healthcare professionals and caring professions might be the first career options that come to mind when it comes to work that makes a real difference to the world, but engineers also make a bigger impact than you might realize. In fact, many engineering career positions provide professionals with a range of fantastic opportunities to help the societies that they live and work within. Engineers are regularly tasked with work that is designed to make life easier for others and may find themselves working on important projects such as designing and building systems to provide underdeveloped areas with access to clean water to improve community health and safety, or designing and building community projects to strengthen support and reduce the impact of crime. Engineers often design and create personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals and tend to be behind most of the lifesaving equipment that is commonplace in today’s hospitals. 

Interesting, Fun Work

If you can’t abide the idea of working in an office over regular business hours every day for the rest of your career, engineering could be the ideal choice for you. This industry has plenty of options for both people who want to work in a nice air-conditioned office and those who prefer the idea of getting out and getting their hands diary on sites. Many engineers chose this career because of the hands-on, interactive aspect of the job that can be a huge amount of fun. 

You Earn a Lot of Respect

Engineers are some of the most respected career professionals out there, and for good reason. Training to become an engineer is certainly no easy task and the sheer amount of work, effort and dedication that goes into qualifying as an engineer is often enough to earn you plenty of respect from others. And, the fact that engineering itself is a very ethical career with a strict code of conduct that any good engineer adheres to will demonstrate to everybody around you that you are somebody with good ethics and integrity. If choosing a well-respected line of work is something that is important to you, engineering is certainly a field that commands some of the most respect wherever you go. 

Be a Part of Something Awesome

As an engineer, you’ll not only get to experience diverse and interesting work and be in high demand all around the world, but this career also comes with an extremely high sense of accomplishment and reward when you look back at the projects that you have been a part of. Whether you played a key part in building a popular community project, were instrumental in improving the transport links in a city, put together a design for a software program that changes the world or create a safer space for the people in your community, as an engineer you will always be working on something that you can certainly be proud of. If you need a career where you feel a sense of purpose and can look back over your work and feel that you have really achieved something with it, engineering is the ideal choice. 

If you’re deciding where you want to go with your future career and want to go into a field that is respected, interesting, exciting, fast-paced, rewarding and huge amounts of fun, engineering could be the perfect fit for you. If you are a creative thinker with strong analytical skills, you’re on your way to being a good fit for engineering. 

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